Losing the Light.

Bare with me here, my friends:

I began playing about 5 years ago, trying several classes before I finally chose a paladin as my main. Even to this day, I always long for the perks of my class and each expansion has brought great things for me.

Not being 85 yet, I know I have no right to complain FULLY complain about whether my class is broken or not. But after all these years, I know better, I can see how dark the future is for this class, specially Retribution; needless to say, I' am not happy with what Retribution currently is, but perhaps there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.
First, however, I will commend Blizzard for their extremely hard work on the paladin class. I know that revamping systems and dealing with so much is hard, heck, College is draining enough for me.

Now my point of this whole thread is a simple plead/question:

Blizzard, why is it that the Retribution spec can never truly compete in arena/BGs? Why is it that having something like bubble is branded as enough "defense;" when will Retribution paladins awake to know that they can join a viable team in arena and actually compete against teams like RPMs or Drain Teams? When will this spec, when geared correctly, be able to charge into battle and wreck havoc in much the same way Warriors do with a healer on their backs?

I understand that Retribution currently has been changed to a spec that must pop CDs to deliver punishment; yet even this seems skewed! We are balanced around dealing extreme burst with LONG cooldowns or dependent on RNG procs, yet can be shut down with a few dispels. Even at my current level I see that dispels alone make us sitting ducks...

But alas, I will hold back, I know that things aren't exactly balanced. Yet, please understand, while I may like the new mechanics I feel they are all lackluster. Retribution is not even remotely OK, we are below average, that isn't up for debate.

Its just so displeasing to me how very unpolished our spec feels; we're suppose to deal burst, but can be shut down with a few dispels. Some may argue: "Astrum, don't forget you have bubble though." And to that I say: True, but bubble isn't for defense anymore (Don't say otherwise, chances are if you have to use Bubble for defense, you've already lost.) its a tool you use to get the job done.

I will end by saying that while the "new" paladin experience is definitely different, thats all there is to it; it bears the same weaknesses and by no means does it seem that it will hold its own. I agree that Retribution is supposed to have A weakness, not a myriad of them.

I' am losing the Light that makes me play this class/spec and by extent this game, how sad it would leave in distress, rather than in a moment of triumph.
Great post. Another part of the problem is the currently ignorant perception of ret and its status by a number of non-paladin community members. Everyone insists we're doing just dandy based solely on experiences in WoTLK, and the reality that we received serious attention from the development team during BETA. On that same note, a number of people from the Paladin community criticize ret paladins with negative opinions for being advocates for a simpler rotation, as if we're totally opposed to the recent changes. We're, or at least I'm not:

Personally, I like the current direction of Ret. The dev team seems to understand the original problem with the spec, and they seem to have a lot of good ideas about how to create a more unique, interesting, and fun spec. That said, a number of us can agree the most recent numbers and systems pass really didn't hit the mark.

We shouldn't be dealing less damage with Templar's Verdict - a finisher - than we do with a spell like Exorcism. Half of our spells are proc-dependent, and Holy Power is quite frankly underwhelming. Building up to a finisher should feel worthwhile, and it should be encouraging. As it stands, it isn't. I don't have a solution, but I know many of you do, and I urge the development team to at the very least voice some feedback on our criticism.

I really just feel like a broken spec with potential scattered all over the place. We under perform consistently in dungeons when matched with similarly skilled DPS players, to the point that keeping up with the tank is actually something one needs to consciously focus on.
12/10/2010 9:01 PMPosted by Kwakagar
Ret should suck. Holy or GtFO imo

So WoW is the only fantasy game you've ever played? And you're completely ignorant on WoW lore and RL history?
Basically they brought back the "glorious" (random) DPS that we had with Seal of Command. I have gone whole boss fights without ever proc'ing Art of War or Sacred Light and then the next trash pull I will have both permanently up. I thought the whole idea of an expansion was to expand upon and improve something, not revert back to the terrible state (random DPS) the class was in at the start of the game.

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