Spirit plate.

Hello paladins. I've been wondering what the general consensus is regarding spirit on healing plate? I've looked pretty much everywhere I could think of and can't find any information about how spirit is weighted against all the other stats we have to worry about these days.

Are you having mana troubles? Get more spirit.

Is it Cataclysm? You're having mana troubles.
Simple answer for a dumb question. xD Thanks.
from what it looks like spirit is a 1 to 1 ratio for mana regen. I didnt have much when i hit 85 a couple of days ago and had major issues healing and then picked up another 750 spirit and now healing is not bad at all.

I love all the QQ threads about healing being too hard. I stopped healing in LK because it was stupid simple. Hell LK is general was stupid simple, though there were a few fights that were challenging.

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