<Bane> kills bosses, receives epics

Omnitron Defense System 10man down

Tol Barad guy 10man down
Actually a lot of people love me.
I love Donatello.

Just sayin'.
<3 Donatello.
<3 Donatello.
Well look at this.
Actually a lot of people love me.

This is a family game, sir.
And so it begins again. :3
12/14/2010 9:29 AMPosted by Korlee
And so it begins again. :3

This somehow surprises you?
Posted by Grymfate

This somehow surprises you?[/quote]

No, but a random moron quoting me does.
Incorrectly quoting a quote you're upset about.
I hit quote and then submit. I really could careless if the forums work or not. Like anything of note is actually posted on these forums. Trolls within trolls within trolls and all unoriginal.
Says the troll trolling.
I do believe that is a Tauren kind sir
Blah, blah, blah. Enough fighting. Lets get back to drooling over <Bane>
wtb donatello, pst

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