[H] JC'ers - Exchange Trink Pattern Drop Farm

Okay, so we all know theres a bug atm that if u levelled ur JC to 475 after u hit level 85, the patterns for the trinkets are bugged and u wont be able to get it.

Apparently there is a proven way around it, basically u group up with a person lower then 85 and that has 475 JC + u farm for the quest drop. Now the person over level 85 wont be able to loot it, but the lowbie can. and when he has looted it he can trade it to the level 85 in the 2 hour time frame on bop items.

I have a proposal to anyone who has a druid / hunter / shaman / rogue alt who is below level 85 and has 475 JC + we can exchange farming sessions. I have an 82 paladin w/ 475+ JC so all the trinket patterns will drop with him. im only interested in getting a druid / hunter / sham / rogue because they ae the only classes that the agi trinks drop for..

hit me up in game, or send me some mail. cheeers.
im keen contact me on rayelle for the name of my horde jc toon
I am enjoying my 85 equivalent level 81 trinket.
My hunter would be happy to assist any of those low levels thou instances for AP trinket. :)

~ Shanhunter.
Has there been any comments about this being hotfixed?
yup can confirm that this is FINALLY fixed :D

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