ret is so broken

"So the general consensus is that Retribution is just fine, completely comparable to every other DPS spec. If you can't keep up on DPS, according to the "pro" Paladins here, it's because of:

1. Not reforging or gemming properly

2. Never knowing how to play the game - Big help there, you guys should be motivational speakers. Just keep sitting on the tops of banks and/or other prominent locations with your rare mounts to show people just how special you are, kthnx.

3. Not reading countless guides and mathematical explanations on how to maximize your DPS - All the power to you guys for taking this game so seriously and wanting to be the best, but you're at the higher end of the gamer spectrum by all the effort you're putting into this. Just casually playing this character I shouldn't be noticing such huge discrepancies in my DPS compared with others, especially when I'm generally a very aware and responsive player. I've started playing and understanding my Ret Pally more than ever now trying to figure out what I'm lacking in, but I've reached the point where I'm overplaying just to keep up with the others who are casually DPS'ing."

Yeah, that's pretty much why you're bad. I did't mean that to be insulting, but it's the truth. Just like anything else, it takes practice and research to figure out the best methods.

If you really want some useful info about your class, check out and go to their forum. There's some really good information there about all classes/specs.
If this is your first expansion: Combat ratings are low at the start of the expansion. This refers to Mastery, Haste, Crit, etc.

Why is this so? This is to prevent combat ratings from getting too high. If you started an expansion at 30% crit, 20% haste, you would have to go up as the new content came out; In the 4th season of the expansion you would likely have 70% crit and 40% haste, which is out of control. Coincidentally, at the end of wrath it was quite common to see players at 30% haste and 55% crit in PvP.
Not sure about the PvE realm, but when it comes to PvP, playing a pally has turned into a game of crossing your fingers and hoping you get your procs. Not only that, but without the procs pallys have little to no burst. Ret pallys need a fix, badly.
There are plenty of agility wearers and casters that already have 20%+ crit.


Agility provides crit.
Intellect provides crit.

Plate wearers are getting screwed because they don't get anything extra from their STR.
I played Retribution all through Wrath, when the new changes came I was one of the biggest supporters of them. I spent weeks telling other Paladins that it would be a good thing, I argued for the changes here on the forums, just give it time I said.

Then they hit, our damage was pathetic so for our time left at 80 Blizzard puts the training wheels on and gives us buffs to keep us ICC competitive.

Then Cata hits, the training wheels come off and we sink to the bottom.

Now we can do competitive DPS at times or just garbage DPS at times, every single thing is tied up in unreliable procs. We are almost entirely RNG based, there is no flow, there is no rhythm to Ret. Heavy movement fights destroys us, being so haste based means you better hope you have good latency and AoE? Tanks destroy us on AoE let alone other DPS.

I've played Ret, I am a good Retribution Paladin. I knew my class in Wrath and I know my class now in Cata.

I know what I'm doing, it is not me and it is not the rest of us. Retribution has issues that need to be addressed.
Can we change the title of this to: Holy and Ret is so broken?
Someone posted a really good (and entertaining) post in the Damage Dealing forum on ret problems here:
There is some good comments in this forum so far, and thanks for staying on topic people, i gotta say i have to agree with both sides on some of the claims from you guys, but im still leaning towards the spec being broken. You guys all made valid points and sudjestions except for the people who are saying "know your rotation" first of all we dont have a "rotation" we have a FCFS prioty system just like wrath just now we got a ton more procs to rely on.. way more ramp up time.. ect ect. Ret is just very sloppy and so heavily reliant on procs its just annoying and not very amusing to play with atm.

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