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I think my main HD is getting ready to fail. Last night while playing WoW kept minimizing to a Windows error that said "Windows has detected a Hard Disk error".

I ran a disk check/repair and I'm still getting the error so I'm going to install a new HD tonight.

My question is I have an old 250GB HD hanging off of an IDE controller for no other reason than I had it and am using it for some storage. Can I copy the game files for WoW into this and then install a new HD, then copy the files back? Or can I actually play WoW from that folder?


Any advice on the Hard Disk Error are appreciated as well.

Both. World of Warcraft can be copied around and will run fine afterwards. You may need to create new shortcuts to the launcher.exe though.

You can also run the game from secondary hard drives if you like.

Technical Support
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Thank you very much!!

I was dreading the long install process, but looks like I'll be out of commission for now more than a couple hours while I install a new OS.

Thank you again!

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