Hand of Light suggestions

1) Works as it does for Word of Glory and Inquisition. However, the next Templar's Verdict that is cast hits twice or some damage is converted to holy damage. (Controllable, gives Paladins burst, and doesn't interfere with the GCD. Let it stack up to 3 times.)

2) Turn it to the old Seal of Command. A chance to deal a percentage of weapon damage as holy damage. (Ties right in with Inquisition too. No need to mess with GCD, but the damage should offset the loss of a free full TV or WoG or Inq.)

3) Immediately cast TV at full Holy Power. (Uncontrolled, works within current system, but lacks the WoG/Inq tie-in.)

The current whack-a-mole feel isn't just hectic apparently, it does interfere with the priority/rotation. I'd prefer option 1.
I like your first change, as it still leaves some control to the paladin, without making it severly rotation changing. As far as im aware, ret is the only damage spec to have a mastery completly change their priority system. Your second solution reads practically the same as arms warrior's mastery, and i think blizz wants to keep some degree of seperation between the two rather than futher condense them until they play exactly the same.
your 3rd suggestion, is pretty much exactly the same as your 2nd, but instead of a SoC instant holy attack proc its a TV proc? i dun get it.

Thanks guys.

The third suggestion is a TV proc, so there's a chance that you'll attack the target with TV as if it were at 3HP. The first one is "the next TV attack you make hits harder".

So the #3 happens automatically, but #1 has some control. It's more like #2 but instead uses TV instead of SoCommand.

Also, levelling again brings back the feeling of pre 1.6 and 1.9 Ret Paladins with the RNG. It's making me feel nostalgic, and not the good kind.

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