Havent played since changes .. Ret guide ?

Hello all i havent played since changes , i got on other nite to check out new zones.

And well i was totally lost with the new pally. Could anyone point me to a Ret guide maybe on Rotation and explaining that new bar we got pls .

I assume Maintankadin is still the site to go to for Protection questions right ?

New bar is holy power, basically ignore it unless all three lights are lit up. rotation is still FCFS at the moment:

3 HoPo inq, Exo with AoW, HoW, 3 HoPo TV, CS, judge, HW.

Just hit the highest on the list that is available and be prepared to wait around a lot for things to come off CD.

Best advice at the moment, either got prot or holy or reroll. The ret rotation is now a lot less fun than it was in WotLK for the gain of a lot of extra waiting around.
bummer. dont Prot have the same bar also ? How is it compared to how it was and thanks for info Zamm.

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