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Guild Recruitment
So, you spent months hacking through an endless array of trolls and dinosaurs to find, and finally defeat, Garrosh, and what happens? He escapes and travels back in time to wreak havoc on the world in an alternate dimension.


Now you have to travel back after him, manage an entire garrison full of lazy peons, hack through an endless array of orcs, and ogres, and gronn (oh my!), just to kill his damn father (spoilers?) and make sure none of this ever happens at all.


The Gist:

Redeemed is a 10-man, Horde raiding guild on Shadow Council that's in need of a few folks for core progression spots to take the fight to Draenor!

Current desire:

We run 2 teams and are looking for the following roles/classes:

Justice League - Thurs/Fri 7-10 server - Disc Priest
Avengers - Tues/Thurs, 7-9:30 server - N/A

(Shadow Council is an MST server)

We're also always open to exceptional players of any class.

The verbose:

Formed in July of '09, we're a tight-knit crew of miscreant adults (average age is 30+) who work and play hard.

We are not a server first guild, but we take progression seriously. People are expected to show up on time and be prepared. This means flasks, food, and an understanding of the content we have planned for the evening. Know your class, and your job, and let's get'er done!

The Fine Print:

What we're looking for is a laid-back person with a good sense of humour, patience, and a willingness to work towards being the best <insert class here> they can be in order to help the guild/raid succeed.

Our ideal candidate will:
  • Be over the age of 21 (exceptions may be made for those in the 18 - 20 bracket, but we are not a kid-friendly guild... no minors - seriously).
  • Will act like it. No drama mamas!
  • Will not be a douchecanoe!
  • Will be tolerant of other people's opinions and lifestyles (see: no douchecanoes).
  • Will not be easily offended by foul language, dirty limericks, and/or abysmal puns.

  • Unless you're a pure dps class we would prefer you have, maintain, and be competent with a viable offspec*.

    If this has piqued your interest, feel free to pop over to our website: and poke around or fill out an app.

    You can also reach out for a chat if you'd like more info:
  • I can be added on RealID or emailed at: tempestmir (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • You can reach out to my officer, Ghostwood, at edgewood#1551.
  • You can also contact JL's RL: Birks, at Joaquin#1610.
  • Barring that, feel free to contact JL's co-RL: Jeofrey, or AV's RL: Moshui when in game.

    **If you add anyone on RealID, please leave a note so we know why you're contacting/adding us!**

    Thanks for your attention (there's a quiz later) and happy hunting!

    *A PvP OS is not ideal, but acceptable. We have members who enjoy bgs and arena, so pvp fans are welcome, so long as your primary focus is raiding.

    TL;DR: We raid gud. Have lots fun. Kill stuffs. Join us!
    Come join us! Abysmal puns guaranteed.
    Q: How many Rogues does it take to kill a Paladin?

    A: 2. 1 to attack, and 1 waiting in the Inn.
    This one's for Jeofrey...

    Q: Why don't warriors get their weapons enchanted with Int?
    A: They don't want them to be smarter than they are.
    Come check us out, free cookies and Nudie pics!
    Free hugs for a good guild :)
    Cheers Jeslis, thanks!
    Just watch.
    Q: What's the difference between a trampoline and a Gnome?
    A: You take your shoes off to jump on the trampoline.
    Still need a few good guildies! Hit me up in game, edgewood#1551
    We'll take a few bad guildies, too, honestly. It gets tiring beating on the same people all the time. Variety is the spice of life!
    Q: What do you call a bathtub full of resto druids?
    A: A HoT tub.
    Q: What do you call a Tauren with no legs?
    A: Ground beef.
    Q: What do you call a Balance druid hit by Wyvern sting?

    A: A napkin.
    Q: What kind of underwear do night elves wear?

    A: Fruit of Elune.
    Bump for new class needs, currently in search of:

    Resto Shaman (w/dps OS)
    Death Knight (DPS ms/tank OS for occasional fill-in tanking)
    Q: What do you call a bathtub full of paladins?
    A: Bubble bath.
    Q: Why are there no gnome paladins?

    A: They can't reach the Light.
    Q: Why couldn't the warrior cross the road?

    A: Path not available.
    Q: Why do Goblins watch erotic films backwards?

    A: To see the hooker hand back the money!


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