Advice for female BE w/ sunfury bow

Finally got the sunfury bow of the phoenix to drop after 10 weeks worth of runs in Karazhan. Yay!

Any suggestions how to compliment it, transmog-wise? I don't like helms usually, hence the goofy sci-fi goggles, so I'll probably keep those. But what other good chest/legs/shoulders should I be going for?
Im not wearing it now according to armory (last update was when I was wearing a helm for running Cmodes that is xmoged differently), but I am partial to wide brimmed hats, Stylin' Crimson Hat is an excellent red wide brimmed hat.
Congrats! I got that bow on my first solo. Sparkleshell, glimmering mail or masterwork set look great with the bow. Good luck. is a great site to find transmog sets. Some possibilities are the Sparkleshell set, the Glimmering set, the Burnished set, the Masterwork set, the Captain's set, the Golden Scale set, the Merciless set, the Triumphant set, the Grunt's set, the Replica Beaststalker set, the Contenders Dragonscale set, the Khan's set, Energized Chestplate. You have a hot color there and a lot to work with! And of course, my favorite part of transmogging - mix & match :D
I'd go with Blood Knight, Glimmering Mail, Ornate, Masterwork, Maagnificent, or Chief Brigadier for green random enchant sets.
Congrats!! It took me forever to get. I only saw it drop once during BC and by that time I had something way better and there was a hunter in my raid that could use it. I just finally got it not too long ago.

As for a mog, I rather like mine. I personally think the wrath PvP gear (now available for justice points in Dalaran) looks awesome on both nelf and belf male or female.

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