Heirloom Vendor Change in Patch 6.0.2

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09/16/2014 10:22 AMPosted by Bashiok
Woah, take it down like ... 12 to 14 notches. Everything's going to be fine.

I love that! We complain about the issue and we are treated like kids! That was just out right rude! I can't believe that you are a community manager talking to him that way. You say everything will be fine but you don't give us any details. A professional would come back with facts to help put our minds at ease. Instead you just say to take it down a 12 to 14 notches. It would be nice to have some info about what you are doing with the BOA system so i don't have to frantically buy up all the BOA gear that I THINK is leaving the game for good.
10/12/2014 12:18 PMPosted by Huggywuggles
Again, maybe you did this. I don't know. But it surely seems to me that you (Blizzard) just took the path of least resistance and hoped for the best without really THINKING about it and have inconvenienced MANY players with nothing more than, "Oopsie daisy!".

I think it was more along the lines of, ok we're removing Valor and Justice Points, this is a change that affects dozens of systems, thousands of items, millions of players, let's discuss the key impacts, but it's going to take months for designers to work through how each should be resolved in each system, for each player, let alone implement, test, bug fix, reimplement, test, bug fix, etc. etc. and it would be nonsensical for us to sit and discuss each minutiae of the change for old currencies instead of doing work to make an awesome expansion.

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