Server Crashes?

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Ok. I see no one has yet to post on it so i thought i might hit the subject first before a mass flood of WTF's go out to blizzard. Anyone experience this or is it just me.
Yep. I just got kicked off.
Whole game went poof.
I have the same problem on Eonar
Not just you
Got booted off Thrall as well.
QQ whole raid crashed.
Also kicked off.
Lizard Squad?
Garrosh was going down, too
Yep just died on heroic sha due to it, gg buyers this week >.>
Same here
It died :(
This is getting REALLY old.
Got booted just after my raid killed Immersus.
yea same on llane. we had just taken our first pull of the night in soo when it happened lol
wipe D:
Just got kicked off the server as well - Baelgun

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