Server Crashes?

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Lagged really bad and then crashed.
Alexstrasza is offline.
poof !
Kel'thuzad is down.
Yep, whole raid got booted (Medivh/Exodar), looks like other realms are going down now, too.
y u do dis
Got booted in a EotS.
Oh hey what do you know its Tuesday and the servers go down.
Thrall just imploded
Oh damn! Is the Frog Brigade hacking us again!?
So how many people wiped in a raid?

Whisperwind ate dirt too, wonder if the techies forgot to feed the server hamsters again.
mass crashing & I was in a dungeon :(
Got kicked as well here can't log back in either!
This is becoming an every Tuesday unannounced thing. Thanks blizz for the feedback you've not given us on this.
WTB my wow time paying in donuts.. :3
loooks like someone is DDOSING take a look
Oh well
Guess I'm playing Destiny
Wipe recovery... take 10 lol

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