Server Crashes?

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thought I was on live, not PTR

joking aside I get that there's technical probs sometimes but this has been getting somewhat excessive lately

On the bright side, I can do ICC and finish my SMourne some other day this week and it didn't happen during raid...

...just 20 mins before. D:
its like holinka said, sleep with an itchy butt, wake up with sticky finger
And we we're so excited for H.Paragon progression tonight...

/le sigh
I got disconnected.

Trying to get back on now.
Sargeras down.

I was about to make Ragnaros beg for mercy.
Looks like chicago datacentre went kaput again. Our raid lagged out on Nazgrim.
yep same
:Nod: Huge lag-spike on the Island, others agreeing, then everything froze and off we went. Ghostlands. 9:40 EST
Same here. It just would not be right if it didn't happen every FREAKING week during raid time!
epic lag spike then dc
09/16/2014 06:41 PMPosted by Øldschool
Guess I'm playing Destiny

Hamster died.
Blizzard Fail
Garrosh: Last Phase: 5% left....
stupid DDOS attacks

EDIT: We wiped.
Got the Das Boot on Thunderhorn about 10 minutes ago. Can't even log back into the game.
Got to love this every week right at raid times. How come it can never go down in the morning or something.
Arthas down!
Wow...dc issues on raid night...what a flippin surprise
Just I got disconnect....I got freak wipe on Garrosh's raid.

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