want to level feral from to 100

I am currently rest spec and am interested in leveling WoD feral and then having a choice between a heal spec and damage later on in raids. What is the best way to start building gear for this? I'm sure to some this is a stupid question I was thinking start in the auction house and do the mop quests for agi gear and build from there?
Fastest way to gear right now is PvP since it's near the end of the season and the weekly caps pretty much don't exist. You could probably get a full 550 set in under a week.
Also keep in mind that when WoD hits, gear will work for different specs so you will only need 1 set to work for melee or caster when you level. So whatever set you grind pre patch, when you change specs, the stats should change with it. At least according to the last patch notes.

Obviously that won't work for min./maxing but for leveling/grinding etc, that should be perfect for druids.
To add to the above post. Only gear obtained in Warlords will switch primary stats based on spec and then only the armor pieces. You will still need 2 sets of acessories (neck, cloak, rings, trinkets, and weapon, I believe).
Unless something big changes avoid Haste at all if you can. Mastery and Crit will be your friends (they are really good now too). Haste isn't very good right now, but it isn't awful. Come WoD Haste is going to be very bad.

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