Hunting Party Podcast returns!

Good evening hunters.

I know many of you are happy with coming back to life, and by popular demand, we decided to revive now the Hunting Party Podcast! We have an original host and blogger Darkbrew starting up the scene, with Solarflair joining us (many of you know his Cloaks and Quivers podcast) and DeliriumHunts (blogger and WHU editor) hosting with myself!

Our first show will be Sunday, September 28th at 10am eastern on We have an awesome techie who will help make sure the show is awesome as it was before, and make sure everyone can view the updates or topics we discuss by having recorded sessions uploaded for user convienence.

I am super excited to get started! Hope to see you hunters there!
Awesome news! I have missed that show a lot.

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You found our private invitation!
I am going to catch up from 3 years ago.
Solar did an excellent job on 'Cloak & Quiver'! Being part of an ensemble will only make things better!

Please please please talk PvP on occasion!
Super excited to see the return of the WHU and the HPP! I shelved my long time hunter main in MoP for a monk, and was gonna bring him back for WoD, and this is only reassurance in that decision!

I can't find the HPP on iTunes anymore, will it be up after ep. 201?

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