So Blizzard Calls You on the Phone...

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I don't know if I'd scrap anything but I know with the character model updates I would have had them add more fighting animations. Melee/casting animations needs to be expanded upon in my opinion.
So Blizzard Calls You on the Phone...

I'll let the call go to the anwering machine.
09/18/2014 12:29 PMPosted by Boffo
Can I scrap no flying? Or is that a double negative?

And even if that is a sin, I should be able to pay the OP to be forgiven for it in advance.

(if you don't get it, yes, I am obscure.)

We need to be Btag friends. Virtuoso#1738. Between you understanding my name and being in a guild named Ichthus, you seem like good people.
I would offer the option to the player base to scrap one item via player votes. Top vote gets it so we can see what it is like when the shoe is on the other foot and watch a forum battle royal break out.
Holy Nova.
I don't answer the phone...
09/18/2014 12:20 PMPosted by Wudie
Revert the new druid merged travel forms back to the old way.

I don't even play druids very often, and that's top on my mind to scrap.

Next would be the removal of Fel Flame for warlocks. That's just a spiteful idea.

And those are above turret LB for shamans.
Fire the person who came up with this idea.
Give me reforging and lots of gemming back
Scrap orcs after the first patch and make the expansion demon focused afterwards.
I wouldn't scrap anything from the game, though the forums would get a good scrubbing. What I would add has little to do with the expansion. It has more to do with some of the starting experiences. Race and class would matter in a rp sense. Mostly just add a little flavor to each class/race, for example.

I would make the DK starting zone make a little longer to fit in content to make their breaking free a little better. As it stands the Death knight shouldn't be surprised or care that Arthas used them as pawns in the attack on Lights Hope. The LK controlled them, they had some control over their movements. But their mind was his.

The Argent Dawn or perhaps the npc you kill would do something more then just talk to you. I would tie the light in referencing that the light didn't abandon the champions, the light either from the dying npc or Ligihts Hope would help shield the DK from the LKs influence. Morgraine would also not be a wuss at the end.

The guards in Orgrimmar and Stormwind would also not let the Death Knight right into the cities with out at least first talking to them. If the DK didn't talk to the guards, which would result in a guard escort, the guards would attack and drag the death knight to the throne rooms. Where then the King/Warchief would read the message from Tirion, then he would give his speech. Perhaps the guards would apologize through probably not you were a member of the Scourage and did kill a lot of people.

Even after the speech, npcs still wouldn't really trust or like the dk until they've earned their trust. (You could still help them, but their quest text would hint at how the felt)
I'd scrap the change to remove tier/trinkets from LFR. I can only see this hurting the game long-term left as it is.
Either Druid Flight form, because..come on, or the Ashran decision.
Scrap the Elemental Shaman change to not cast lightning bolt while moving.
I would Scrap Grom as a final boss

Make thrall the final boss, or make it so I can have my Garrison in Nagrand. But I'm sure more people would be happy with less green jesus.
Have to say there are some great suggestions for things that need scrapping, so far.

I'd have to go with the one that is nearest and dearest to my little druidic heart: Scrap the new travel form!
I'm really torn with this one. I love the idea.

Either I'd scrap Nagrand(simply removing it from the map, quests and all, just to see how Blizzard would try to patch that gaping, hilariously stupid lore hole up) and get some popcorn...


I'd scrap the Horde's general storyline and replace it with one where...

A) Thrall is killed by Garrosh in a cliche, stupid way off-screen.

B) Lady Liadrin and the Blood Knights are wiped out wholesale attempting to buy retreating Horde forces time to get to the fleet. The remaining Horde fleet is destroyed before it can reach Ashran. The corpses of sailors litter the shores and dot the waves for the rest of WoW's existence, never being patched out. Horde players lose Brill due to the phase of the final patch, the corpses of their favorite NPCs littering the streets, summarily executed by Sylvanas's personal Kor'k... I mean, her willing, choosing servants.

C) The Horde has a few victories when attacking the Alliance, but none are canon.

D) The Siege of the Undercity is the final patch.

E) Med'an returns as the Horde equivalent of Anduin.

Actually... No, that's just mean. Forget I typed E.

[Rubs hands together]

I'm such a bad person.

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