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Just a few thoughts on in-game to real life connections...

I sometimes wonder how heavy my bags would actually be in real life, including all the gold pieces I keep. It would seem that I have impossibly heavy bags. Is it scientifically feasible? Probably not.

With the hypothetical strength that we're capable of in lifting such a great amount, how much force can your character put into one punch? What impact would it have?

Has anyone actually factored in how much weight our characters would be holding?

I also wonder how much all my coins would be worth in US dollars. Even 1,000 gold coins would probably amount to a huge profit. I'd also have to figure out just how big one coin is in the game, calculate the dimensions, assume they're made of pure gold, and find out how much it's worth in real life. Multiply that by how much gold I currently have, and see how rich my character would be if WoW was real.

Let's set that to the maximum amount of gold in-game and multiply. Is it greater than the entire world's total net worth?

Also, does anyone else have scientific theories or questions about WoW?
Can we please just not
I've never been curious about formulas and exact values but sometimes I wonder why the moons are always full, or why the sun changes places between zones.

I also think about things that must happen but we don't see... like when I'm bored on a flight path, clearing out my bags. I'm actually just dumping lots of garbage on the lowbies leveling below. Just the image of a guy killing his 10th wolf and suddenly a torrential rain of fish oil hits him. Plus the thought of carrying Ony and Nef's heads at the same time... or even just one dragon head really... "Yes, I'd like to deposit this head in my bank please."

I'm guessing banks are refrigerated, too... or something because there's been mats from outland in our guild bank for a while now.
Assuming each gold coin was equivalent to the average gold bullion coin at 16 grams, 1,000,000 coins carried on one character equals 16,000,000 grams or roughly 35,274 lbs in your pocket.

That plus all the weapons, gear, and extra resources stored in your inventory. That's like holding a semi truck with the trailer on your character at all times!


About how much would it be worth?

Assuming gold price is about $1215.10 per troy ounce of .999 pure 24 karat gold, if you have 16 million grams (1 million pieces) on your character, they would be worth approximately $625,061,955.10. Still not as much as Bill Gates.

Span that over 52 toons on your account, $32,503,221,665.20. Not even half as much as Bill Gates. By this rationale, the founder of Microsoft is richer than all your toons spanned over 2 accounts. Pretty interesting, eh?
I hypothesize that wow toons are in reality about 18 inches tall, tops. It's the only way to explain falling 65 "yards" without dying, wielding metal planks the size of Buick bumpers as swords, and riding around on birds and insects for mounts.
Guys, guys, guys. You are overlooking the simplest answer to everything.

Wizards did it.

They made it so your bags would negate weight, mass and volume of anything you put into them.

They also made it so you could fall long distances and not end up about 3 inches tall and 6 foot diameter.

They also made it so that a toon in cloth armour would not be able to outrun the plate wearing warrior swinging those twin 2 handed swords.

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