What's your most unpopular WoW opinion?

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Until you play games that actually have systems like this......its a neat concept for punishment / reward --- for a week.

then it gets old... very ......very old.
All I did was copy Eve Online.

and I disagree with that getting old, but that's just my unpopular opinion.
I want the option to heal members of the opposing faction provided they're not flagged for PvP. I hate watching a Hordie getting pounded by a mob and be unable to keep them alive.
I have 2 that annoy Blizz fanbous:

(1) Game's been dumbed down too much. The devs have removed tons of detail from the game that added depth, immersion, realism to it. Things like Eyes of the Beast for hunters; feeding pets, pets leaving forever if you starved them too long, pet damage decreased if pet wasn't fully fed, using ammo, etc

That's just hunter peeves. Every class I can think of has lost similar detail-oriented things over the years.

Things should never be REMOVED. You improve a game by adding things to it, improving what already exists--not taking stuff away. Why the Hell did the devs ever code the stuf in the first place, if it needed to be removed?? What a waste of time and resources. Never seen ANY other MMO in my life remove more cool stuff, more detail and depth, than WoW.

It's almost at the point now that this 10-year-player (me) is feeling more cool stuff has been REMOVED from the game, than added. :/

(2) The stink of Activision is becoming more pronounced every day. God know the original Vanilla devs would never have agreed to crap like letting people purchase insta-level-capped toons. They'd have been both shocked and insulted. "WTF, you think we made this game so people don't have to PLAY it? So people can just buy their way to max level and annoy the crap out of other players by knowing nothing while acting like they're above everything?? UH, no. Just... NO."

Wow needs people at the helm with not only vision for the future... but an eye for the past as well. Waaay too much good stuff has been removed from the game, replaced wither by nothing at all or by inferior, less-fun things.

Stop killing the goose that laid the golden egg, Blizz, or your goose is gonna wind up cooked...

Every Man For Himself should be removed. It is an OP racial but Blizzard is afraid of pissing off all the Human players.

So should LFD, why do we still get rares in LFD when when can queue?
I wish pandas were never added to the game.

I think MoP is the worst xpac yet.

CRZ is WoW's worst feature.
Horde pallies and ally shaman should never have happened
Raid content is released too quickly.
09/23/2014 05:57 PMPosted by Huggywuggles
Snowfox and Huggywuggles were the best Forum MvP's....EVER IN HISTORY, PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE!

Going for gold I see, Huggy.
I think blood elfs in the horde where a mistake and they should be swaped with the worgen.
I actually like Anduin.

I still (mostly) like Thrall.

The Exodar is an awesome city.
1. Leveling should be harder. Much. Harder. Same for dungeons.
2. Getting the mats for professions should be much harder and mean more. Also, should be a Good alternative to gearing in raids, without materials only gotten from disenchanted raid gear.
3. Pandas are what has kept me in this game for this long.
4. while I agree with some that were added in Cata, there are too many race/class combinations.
5. Not everything should be equal.
6. I love dailies.
Raid gear be obtainable for everyone, whether in a raiding team or not (like a world-drop-thing, or a rep reward). Because of the difficulty of bosses, this would encourage teams instead of guild cliques (get rid of ilvl since that's not a marker for experience or skill). Everyone would get an awesome chance at seeing/getting everything that only a few see now :/

You realize that this is the exact reason LFR was added, right?
I actually like this game.
I've been playing since Vanilla and I think MoP has been one of the better expansions, and I'm absolutely stoked for WoD.
No flying doesn't phase me.
The player base is what's damaging this game more than anything the devs have done.
Undead shamans make perfect sense.
09/24/2014 06:54 AMPosted by Blackheart
That Pandas should be rounded up and killed.

Says the Blood Elf.
no flying on Draenor is a good decision.
I love CRZ, I love no flying and I feel like Blizzard should force server merges to balance faction populations.
I like things that make it feel more like a traditional MMO.
I like Anduin and Thrall.

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