The most annoying sounds in WoW.

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This guy's voice acting. Second only to male goblin voice acting.
Any sound female Pandaren make.
_NPCscan alert when i am using the flight path
All the ones I replaced with silence. Hunter pets, trains, Mechano-hog, Worgen sniffs... all gone

(Should replace the male gnome death sound too I guess)
Male Night & Blood Elf anything
Priests using inner focus and going afk, keep it up priests, its working.
Fem Blood Elf chicken emote.
The slobbering sounds from a hunter's pet cat.
Pandarian Panflute..

That's why it's macro'd with my Shadow dance, hehehehe.
The inn music for pandaria.
Every time I hearth to shrine of the seven stars that stupid music blasts through my speakers.
Rogues stealthing. As someone who usually plays a healer in battlegrounds, that sound makes me twitch like Inspector Clouseau's boss in the old Pink Panther movies.
Cat pets and companions, and their incessant yaw-groan-slobber emote.
Gnomes' speech. Makes me want to puke.

Want to beat me on PvP? Say; "My, you're a tall one!!" and I puke all over the arena and you win.
09/30/2014 04:23 AMPosted by Zifira
Let's not forget those singing sunflowers

I want to break out the round-up weed killer every time I hear one.
XT-02 deconstructor ... His voice drive me mad
That "alert" noise that plays whenever yellow text pops up in the middle of the screen. It's so obnoxious that I had to get an addon to remove it.
09/30/2014 11:16 AMPosted by Shauleath
You do know that you can transmog guns to look like bows right? This has the fortunate effect of transmogging the gun to sound like a bow too.

No, I didn't know this - didn't think they were interchangeable for TMog. Thanks :)
Gotta go with the Rogue stealth sound. As a life-long warlock, it's usually the signal to just grab the ankles and kiss your backside goodbye..

Number to would be any dwarf vendor asking "How ya doin'?"

Usually right after you've been victimized by a random rogue.
Loque'nahak's growling. I was once in an LFR group with two hunters who had him.

Worgen sniffing. My warrior goes in human mode when I'm in the AH.

Male human aggro sounds.

Syndragosa's voice

The jewelcrafting sound sounds like nails on a chalkboard


Orgrimmar music

Female Blood Elf laugh. Especially if it's a death knight.

That stupid spinning panda in the Shrines.

Those annoying fighting Kor'kron orcs in Org.

Male Dranei, male night elf, gnome, female undead, orc and goblin death sounds.

Gun sounds.
the dumb kor'kron guards training beside the guild master in VoS they just don't stop grunting
09/30/2014 05:26 AMPosted by Wudie
09/30/2014 05:24 AMPosted by Bidwin
Want a pet mute button plox.

There is one coming in 6.0

System --> Sounds --> Pet Sounds

They are?! Oh my God so much yes. If I have to hear one more other Hunter's spider, I'm going to lose it. I have my sounds on at all times, but am forced to lower it if anyone is using one of those horrid little creatures. That attack noise gives me a headache everytime.

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