585 Spriest LF PST Guild.

Guild Recruitment
What I am Looking for...
- A guild that is at least 11/14H SoO with a stable roster.
- A 2-3 day a week raiding guild times anywhere between 7pm-1am ( PST )
- A Mature Mindset guild that still knows how to have fun.
- A Good means of communication Mumble > Vent
- A Guild that includes Raid Repairs.
- A well established guild with good history!
- A HOME for warlords of Draenor!

I have killed 12/14H. With the last kill being Garrosh 25H.

Other side notes.
Been playing Sense Open beta finished all 40man raiding.
- Was a officer of a top 20US guild in wraith.
- Proud officer and recruiting officer and Raid leader in my last guild.
I have been a officer in every guild i have ever join and in my year of playing thats only 3 guild so if i join i am the kinda person that will stay till the end.

I come from a 40-25man guilds I feel that I have great raid awareness and encounter understanding. I am always squeezing in healing globals to help take pressure of our healers. I have a Team mindset, as long as the boss dies I don't care what my damage is.

I have multiple people that you can ask for references about my skill, ability to play, personality, or attitude just ask me when we talk.
I was a Tank from val - bc till horde got pallys and i switch to holly pally from BC - Mop where i wanted to try dps in a raid for the first time.

My Guild Stop raiding and i have just been helping random friends guilds as back up fill in but with WOD around the corner feel it time to fine a good home.
Sense i have not really raided in some time i really do not have any logs but if need be can pug something but it would be dps from a bug raid kinda setting.

You can hit me up at Bluehair#1599 or leave your tag as well and we can talk.
Thank you and I look forward to finding a new home soon!
Hi Darkest,

We're an extremely long-standing (near 10-year) raiding guild that has accomplished everything raiding has to offer for many expansions now, and with the jump to 20-man in WoD for Mythics we're expanding our roster. We raid three nights a week (Sun/Mon/Wed 6:30PM - 10:30PM PST) and we'd love to add a Shadow Priest to our roster.

If this sound promising, please check out the rest of our info below!

Vox Immortalis of US-Hyjal, Horde

Who We Are

A 20-man Raiding Guild of nearly 10 years, focused on progression and achievements, and have accomplished all possible Heroic progression and achievements since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in late 2008.

More recently, we attained 14/14 Heroic in Siege of Orgrimmar in March 2014 and are building up our roster for Warlords of Draenor. We finished 13/13 Heroic in Throne of Thunder with server-first Glory of the Thundering Raider and ended 5.1 with server-first Glory of the Pandaria Raider.

With the release of only 20-man Mythic raid sizes in WoD, we are jumping up to the larger group setting, but we continue to strive for that tight-knit feeling in spite of a larger population. We strive for a focused, motivated, enjoyable raid environment, given we typically raid 3 nights a week, 12 hours in total. We consider ourselves a good bunch of people, with a strong sense of self-accountability and would accept no less from any recruit.

Historically, our combined roster of members and Officership have had many years of experience in WoW and previous MMOs with a guild raiding history to back it up. We are also fairly active in the WoW community and have created & maintained a reasonably popular series of video guides since WotLK raid content {http://youtube.com/gabestah}.

Who We Are Seeking

We are primarily seeking DPS and Healers, but will strongly consider Tank players with a core capability and willingness to perform a DPS role when necessary.

High Desire
    All DPS Classes
    All Healer Class

Pre-Warlords of Draenor

We are inviting current applicants as normal, but all applicants [B]should not[/B] expect many raiding opportunities prior to the WoD release. Accepted applicants will be rotated through our current once-per-week raid as best we can, but by and large raiding opportunities will be limited prior to WoD as we expand our roster size to prepare for a 20-man format.

When We Raid

Hyjal-US is on Pacific Standard Time and our raid schedule is as follows every week:
    Sunday, 6:30PM – 10:30PM PST
    Monday, 6:30PM – 10:30PM PST
    Wednesday, 6:30PM – 10:30PM PST

What We Expect

    You have been playing WoW and/or other MMOs for at least one year (or if not, are confident your skill is of appropriate level).
    You are looking for a long-term Guild with a tight-knit membership core with years of high-end raiding experience and exclusive focus on end-game content.
    You understand the advantages of the EPGP loot system that Vox Immortalis currently utilizes {http://www.epgpweb.com/help/system}.
    You are confident in your abilities when playing your roles in WoW, but remain open to suggestion and improvement.
    You are very aware of your surroundings when in combat during raids. You can properly avoid void zones, breaths, cleaves, swipes, proper distance to others, incoming monsters, etc. while still performing your duties fully.
    You are mature; in spirit if not age.

How We Manage Raids

At any given time, we try to maintain a constant roster of 25 Raiders, and those 25 Raiders are expected to maintain 100% attendance and will be part of our VCP system that manages Raid Rosters. While the full details of the VCP system can be found in this document {http://www.voximmortalis.com/about-vcp/}, the basic summary of the system is as follows: All 25 active Raiders are rotated throughout the 20-man raid on a weekly basis, such that over the course of a 5 week period, each Raider will be able to raid 4 of those 5 weeks, or 12 out of 15 raids.

How to Apply

If you meet all the above requirements and are still interested in applying, please fill out our application by clicking here {http://www.voximmortalis.com/apply/}.


Contact our Recruitment Officers:

Takaoni (DPS/Tank), BattleTag: HiradeHaruo#1288, PM: http://voximmortalis.com/pm-takaoni
Shaylana (DPS/Heal), BattleTag: LLAMAZERG#1615, PM: http://voximmortalis.com/pm-shaylana
Kulldar (Guild Leader), PM: http://voximmortalis.com/pm-kulldar

PM All Officers: http://voximmortalis.com/pm-recruitment-officers
E-mail: recruitment@voximmortalis.com
If you want serious raiding within your designated timeframe, we have exactly what you need! Seraph is a (mostly) late night guild featuring five full-time heroic raid teams. We have been around since Ulduar and will continue to live throughout MoP and into WoD with Mythic raiding. We like to consider ourselves to be a unique balance of raiding and community that keeps Seraph going strong. If you're on Mal'ganis, you probably already know us.

Current Progression and Raid Times as of 9/24/14:

Raid 1: 25man 14/14hm. Times: Tues, Thurs, Sun, Mon - 11pm-2am CST. 12am-3am EST
Raid 2: 25man 14/14hm. Times: Tues, Wed, Mon - 11pm-2am CST. 12am-3am EST
Raid 3: 10man 14/14hm. Times: Wed, Mon - 7pm - 10:30pm CST. 8pm-11:30pm EST
Raid 4: 25man 14/14hm. Times: Tues, Wed, Thurs -11:30pm-2:30am CST. 12:30am-3:30am EST
Raid 5: 25man 14/14hm. Times: Fri, Sat - 11pm-2am CST. 12am-3am EST
Raid 6: New WoD mythic team. Times: Tues, Thurs, Sun, Mon - 7:30pm-10:30pm CST. 8:30pm-11:30pm EST.
Raid 7: New WoD mythic team. Times: Tues, Wed, Mon. Times: 6:30pm-9:30pm CST. 7:30pm-10:30pm EST.

Current Recruitment Needs:

Raid 1: Monk (dps), DK (dps), Druid (Rdps), Mage, Paladin (dps/heals), Rogue, Shaman (MDPS).
Raid 2: Druid (RDPS), Mage, Warrior (dps), Shaman (RDPS).
Raid 3: Monk/Warrior/DK (tank), Warlock, Rogue.
Raid 4: Mage, Druid (RDPS), Shaman (heals), Paladin (heals).
Raid 5: DK (dps), Monk (dps), Rogue.

WoD Recruitment needs:
Raid 3: Druid (heals/dps), DK (dps), Mage, Paladin (dps), Priest (holy), Warrior (dps).
Raid 6: All classes, all specs.
Raid 7: All classes, all specs.

Contact for Raid Teams:

Raid 1: Praetorea#1115 - Xiao.
Raid 2: Nnamdi, Kramnanorc#1369
Raid 3: Pandayo and Bartimusrex. Bubbles#1903
Raid 4: Jared#1533
Raid 5: Rzi#1245, Railyn#1634
Raid 6: Grackin#1645
Raid 7: WizSpike#1781
Recruitment Head Officer for Seraph: Praetorea#1115 - For all of Seraph's heroic recruitment needs. My name is Xiao!
Recruitment Officer on behalf of Xiao
Miori#1250 - Taraaku

We would love to speak with you if you believe:
– Executing strat and properly handling mechanics comes first and foremost.
– Dps, tanking, healing, and performance are important, but not more important than mechanics.

We are always looking for any quality players that have this mentality, so feel free to bug any of our officers if you have any questions. A great source of information pertaining to who and what we are - as well as applying to us - can be found at our website:

About Us: <Digital Addiction> used to be a 10-man weekend raiding guild on Shadow Council (Mountain Standard Time), now a 25-man. Our transition to 25-man is complete.

Our immediate need is a Mage and DPS DK, but as we've already cleared the content, we're focused on getting more people for WoD, willing to take on all kinds of DPS.

We're not a casual raiding guild (stating this due to it being a weekend raiding guild; people see us as casual sometimes). Each raider must maintain their character to maximize their output. Spec change is sometimes necessary depending on the fights (this means regemming and reforging as well as actually being able to play the spec on a competitive level). Everything is provided by the guild from repair to food, flasks, pots, enchants, gems, reforge bill occurred due to progression fights.

T16: 14/14 [14/14 HM]

ToT: 12/12 [13/13 HM]

Raid Times:
Friday Night: 6pm PST / 7pm MST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST (4 hours)
Saturday Morning: 9am PST / 10am MST / 11am CST / Noon EST (4 hours)
Saturday Night: 6pm PST / 7pm MST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST (3 hours)

Recruitment Needs:
1 Mage
1 Ret
1 DPS Warrior
1 Feral
1 Hunter
1 Rogue
1 Spriest
1 Holy Paladin
1 Healing Priest

Successful candidates should be 18 years or older.

If you feel you are Digital Addiction material, send in an application on digitaladdiction.enjin.com
You can also check us out live on twitch.tv/digitaladdiction
If you have any questions, please feel free to add us: Reela#1821 or Tzemi#1584.

Website: digitaladdiction.enjin.com
Live Stream: twitch.tv/digitaladdiction

This is an adult raiding guild. There will be adult conversations with adult language in both guild chat and in mumble.
[H] <Fused> [25Man] - [Illidan-US] 14/14H

Raid Times:
Monday-Thurs 8:00pm - 12:00am EST

What we expect from you:
- You are a mature player
- You have a good computer and a stable connection
- You are willing to wipe on new encounters and are interested in progression
- You know your class inside and out, and consider yourself to be knowledgeable of every aspect of your spec
- You have a high raid attendance
- Mumble and a working mic is required

If you have any questions feel free to post here or send us a msg through battletag.


Website: fusedraiding.com
<Babe Legion> 14/14 HM late night 25m guild on Illidan
Due to end of xpac syndrome we recently went 10 man (13/14hm as 10m on first week) til 6.0
Tues - Thurs 12:30-3:30 central / 1:30 - 4:30 EST
babe-legion.enjin.com to apply
for more information add shanaLarue#1792 or Multichill#1407
A CORE spot is open for you!
PST not EST thanks.
I'll keep this short and sweet:

14/14H Alliance 10 man (in the process of transitioning to 25. We are 13/14H after 3 lockouts and after less than 20 pulls on Garrosh we're consistently reaching P3. With strategy adjustments and going to 3 healing I expect to down Garrosh on tuesday or thursday of this coming lockout)
Tues/Thurs/Sun, 9pm to midnight PST (midnight-3am Eastern, but Proudmoore is a PST server with west coast datacenter)
Solid, committed team dedicated to clearing mythic content while current.

Our spam is here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12505891545?page=1

Our website is here: www.pathosguild.com - if you want you can jump straight into our forum application.

And my battle tag is Zaeron#1967 if you're interested in learning more.
<Unaffiliated> 14/14H is a returning Horde progression guild based on Area 52 and is currently recruiting exceptional players to finish out Mists of Pandaria. We are looking for players that can make at least 90% of raids, and can consistently perform to their highest level during raid hours. All spots in our 25m raids are competitive, so anyone capable of solid performance is encouraged to apply.

While we do focus on progression raiding, we enjoy keeping a relaxed and mature guild atmosphere with quite a few laughs even during difficult encounters.

Raiding Hours:
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
8:00PM – 12:00AM (EST)
7:00PM – 11:00PM (CST)
5:00PM – 9:00PM (PST)

<Unaffiliated> uses a Loot System known as EPGP to distribute loot; it uses a ratio of attendance to gear received. It allows us to keep our consistent members geared, while proving to be less of a barrier to newer members.

Initiates are taken in and go through a four to six week trial, and providing they perform well and keep above 90% attendance they will become a Raider. During this time you are still eligible for loot, and often receive it! It is more so to see your dedication.

Our current needs:
- Healers
- Exceptional Ranged DPS, Mages, Warlocks top priority
- Anyone strong at their chosen class! We can use as many solid players as possible going into WoD

Even though your class may not be listed above, we still have potential openings for any strong class so please apply if you are interested. Above all we are looking for consistent players to solidify our 25 man roster going into WoD. We DO NOT recruit for the bench.

Contact Information:
Swiftx, Ayano, or Nefarion by in game mail or whisper, feel free to message anyone online in our guild regarding any inquiries. You can apply @ Unaffiliated.enjin.com

Note: Swiftx battletag is Swift#1228 or ayano at kakarot#1498

Hello Darkestsoul,

I see that you are looking for a new team. Well you’re in luck, I currently have an immediate opening for a Shadow Priest on my team. If you would, please add my battle tag and/or any one of our officers so may have the opportunity to talk with you and tell you more about our guild and our cross-realm trial opportunities before you make a final decision. I hope to hear from you soon!

Discrete is an Adult, Alliance 25-man progression-focused raiding guild on US-Tichondrius. We operate on an evening, Pacific Standard Time raiding schedule of only 3 days per week (total of 9 hours). What we are looking for long term, dependable, quality players who share the same high level of passion/mindset as we do when it comes to progression raiding while at the same time appreciates a healthy balance between real life and Warcraft.

If you would like to request to talk one-on-one with myself or any of our officers we would be more then happy to hear from you, our information is included down below.

Current progression:
14/14 Heroic 25-man

When do we raid?
We raid at the following day(s) and time(s):

    Sunday (8:30pm - 11:30pm PST)
    Tuesday (8:30pm - 11:30pm PST)
    Wednesday (8:30pm - 11:30pm PST)

What loot distribution system do we use?
Discrete distributes loot using an impartial, progression directive loot council system. We prioritize loot based on how it will best serve the team over the individual.

Our website

In-game contacts
TY for the posts so far.
Hi, we could find a use for another spriest especially going into WoD. Spam info incoming, because you know its kinda how it goes.

Six Beers Deep 14/14 HM 9 hours (MWTh 8-11)

Good luck in your search sir!
Oooh! We might be perfect for you!

Whisperwind Eleven is a 25 man Horde guild on the Whisperwind server focused on progressing through content based on raids that go from 9pm to midnight PST.
Founded in February of 2006, WW11 is a progression raiding guild that values a culture of mature, respectful and fun gameplay over server firsts.

Currently 13/14 Heroic SoO

Key accomplishments:
(achievements cleared while content was current unless noted)
* Cleared Sunwell Plateau after the 3.0 nerfs.
* Glory of the Raider
* 10 and 25: Glory of the Ulduar Raider, Algalon
* 25-man Tribute to Insanity
* Heroic Halion - 25
* 11/12 Hard Modes in ICC-25
* Glory of the ICC Raider 25
* 9/13 Cataclysm HM (13/13 cleared for fun later during DS)
* 5/6 Firelands HM
* Glory of the Firelands Raider 25
* 8/8 DS HM
* Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider 25
* 4/16 Heroic Tier 14
* 4/12 Heroic ToT
* 13/14 Heroic SoO

Raid Schedule:
All raids are from 12am EST- 3am EST (9pm PST to midnight PST): Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
We also offer organized guild Flex Raids for Achievements, in 5.4, every Tuesday starting at 11 server.

Key Guild Differentiators:
* Stability - 8 years of progression 25 man raiding
* Culture - We are a group of adults that expect mutual trust and respect from our raiders, sense of humor is a plus! Most of our team is 25+. Our raid schedule is designed for those with careers and kids: 9pm PST to midnight, 3 raids a week
* Punctual - 99% of raids end by 12:15am
* PG-13 gchat/vent ("Disney rules" no profanity, no racist or dirty jokes), we're not prudes but we believe that any kids hanging around while their folks are raiding don't need to be scarred for life if they happen to hear something in vent.
* No l33t sp34k, yelling or raging allowed in chat or vent, ever (u fail ur nub). If this is how you communicate you will not fit in.
* Fast pulling" culture, we like to respect each other's time and keep things moving
* Our goal is to complete all heroic content and raid metas while the content is current
* We don't race for server firsts, we see content on our time schedule

Guild Culture:
Most of us are hardcore gamers who grew up on Pacman, Quake, Starcraft, Zelda and Mario. Some of us got married, settled down, and are looking for a guild in which we can continue a hardcore approach to gaming on a more limited time schedule.
The guild is an open book. Applicants are welcome to listen in on raids, ask any member for their opinion on the leadership, or simultaneously apply for other guilds. We understand that joining a guild is a big decision and support applicants who do their research to choose the right guild for them.

We are only accepting players of exceptional skill, commitment and cultural fit. If you are all of these things then you will likely have a raid spot available. Whisperwind Eleven has a unique approach to recruitment, we recruit players not gear.

We are a guild of raiders. Before you apply, make sure the following describe you:
1. You think you'll have near 100% attendance.
2. You acquire loot because you want to raid, not the other way around.
3. Given the choice you'd rather show up for progression nights than farming nights because seeing new content is more exciting than farming epics.
4. Theorycrafting is something you think is fun and will make you a better player.

Final Notes
The guild is here for the long-term, and that’s what we’re thinking about during recruitment - Although 85% is the minimum requirement for raiding we require 100% from applicants.
About Whisperwind
Release day server
PvE, US Central Time
High population
Rampage Battlegroup
2:1 Alliance:Horde ratio

WW11 Does not offer cross realm trial periods per guild policy. We require a commitment from applicants, as we are committing to them.

To apply message/mail in game on Whisperwind to one of these officers " Tunarr#1880 (recruitment) Dona #1555(GM), Nabla #1766 (co-GM), Khione#1561 (recruitment)"

Raid times work. We're thinking of a second spriest. www.reallybadplayers.com. Spam below.

<Really Bad Players>
Horde-US-Blackrock (PST-PvP-Bloodlust)
25m raiding / 20m mythic
Loot council system
Current progression: 14/14H - Garrosh down after 4 nights.

Sunday 7:00pm - 11:00pm PST
Monday 7:00pm - 11:00pm PST

For a total of 8 hours - we will never add additional raid days/times!

WoWProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/blackrock/Really+Bad+Players
Guild website: http://www.reallybadplayers.com

- - - - - -

We are currently recruiting towards WoD. Social invites are also welcome if you feel you will be able to prove your worth in the upcoming expansion and/or on PTR.

Class Recruitment:
Updated as of September 29, 2014.

Druid (All Specs) - High
Shaman (Elemental) - Medium
Monk (Windwalker) - High
Paladin (Holy) - High
Warrior (Arms/Fury) - Low
Shaman (Enhancement) - Low

**Even if your class isn't listed WE WILL REVIEW all applicants. So if you can beat out someone here right now, feel free to apply**

- - - - - -

Guild History:

Our core of veteran players has been playing together for years, earning multiple server firsts as a top-200 guild while raiding on a light schedule. With the announcement of Mythic raiding, a number of us have decided to return to the game and build a roster to push progression once again.

Our Future:

Our focus is on building our Mythic team for WoD. As such, Siege of Orgrimmar is our precursor to what is to come in Warlords. We are at the stage where we require high-quality players who have complete knowledge of their class, coupled with high survivability and the capability to adapt to new mechanics. Flexibility to other specs/classes/roles is also strongly encouraged.

We may not have been competitive in T16 (as we came into the tier far too late), but we do plan on hitting the ground running when Warlords of Draenor hits - this is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

If you feel you can fulfill all of our expectations while raiding on a light schedule, you are encouraged to apply!

Our Approach:

We raid two nights a week. We will NEVER add a third night of mandatory raiding, even during progression. However, we are not a casual guild. With just those two nights we intend to approach progression with a focus and efficiency that will redefine two-night progression raiding. Our aim is to be at the forefront of Mythic content and to compete for the #1 US two-night position in WoD.

Why Only Two Nights?

We all have commitments outside of the game. We also know that the right team doesn’t need more than two nights to blaze through content at a nationally competitive pace. To ensure that we have the right team in place, our roster is exclusively performance-based. No position is on lock – the players producing the highest numbers, taking the least damage, and rapidly adapting to raid mechanics will earn a raid spot, whether they’re fresh trial raiders or veteran officers.

Why <Really Bad Players>?

- Community: RBP is a community in the fullest sense of the word. To put it plainly, there’s a reason that players who hadn’t touched the game in upwards of four or five years came back as soon as they heard the guild had reformed.

- Structured: A proper guild structure with a strong officer corps is essential to keeping a guild together, organized and keeping everything functioning in an orderly manner.

- Scheduling: Our raids end on time. There is no circumstance in which a mandatory 3rd raid night will be added.

- No Cliques: Often times you will find guilds have cliques and favoritism within them. This is not the case with RBP. You reap what you sow.

-No Bench: All trials will have their fair shot at earning a spot and seeing raid time.

Apply at http://www.reallybadplayers.com, today!

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to contact us.
Mammarees#1188 - Guild Master
Aeshur#1775 - Recruitment Officer
Saws#1618 - Senior Officer

In-game (Blackrock): Keekai, Cobaltadin, Jitzel, Bloodfen, Archarys, Sawss
Herro Friend of the Grummles

[H] <Stacks in Fire> 14/14 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar

14/14H 10 Man transitioned to 25 Man. 12/14H First Week. Tues-Thurs 1800 to 2100 PST. Loot Council. Super strong core group as foundation.


About Us:

Stacks in Fire was formed halfway through Throne of Thunder and has forged into a strong tight knit group. The Core of the group has been playing with each other over several years now. With the advent of Mythic Raiding and the demise of 10 Man Raids, Stacks in Fire launched their 25 Man to finish up Mists of Pandaria and push hard into Warlords of Draenor.

14/14 H (10 Man) Siege of Orgrimmar
12/14 H (25 Man) Siege of Orgrimmar
10/13 H (10 Man) Throne of Thunder

Raid Time:
Days: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
Time: 1800 to 2100 ST

Loot is distributed by Council.

Contact Information
-Raid Leader - Cevren - Yoloswag#1572
-Izzytheavngr - Thermopylae#1164

25 Man Launch Date: September 23, 2014

Anyone we are interested in after initial in game contact will then be interviewed. Be prepared to answer any and all question we have.

Applications can be filled at:

Looking for a few more to talk with before i make up my mine.
You're likely swamped with responses. I've been where you are. Looking for something that you hope will be the same or an improvement from where you just were. Eventually you talk to so many groups that they all blur together and you just pick someone so that you'll have somewhere to go. Take the time and talk to me. I want you to find a forever home. Somewhere you can build a foundation and a future filled with friendships and a fulfilling raid atmosphere.


Founded in 2007, 14/14 HM SoO(25m), (Server: Aerie Peak-PVE)
Come Kill Heroic Garrosh with us.
We do not recruit for bench.
Confidence is a must, Cockiness is a plus, Arrogance is not desired.

Guild Make-Up
Insanity is filled with primarily people from the ages 25-40.

What We're About
This guild is a warm, welcoming, and nurturing place. We have people in it that do voice impersonations, we have a fantastic sense of humor with a balance of determination on the content at hand. We are NOT the type to yell or scream at you, we treat people like the adults that they are.
We enjoy spending time with each other on Vent, during off-times, joking, drinking, working like crazy on achievements, running Scenarios, collecting Pokemon, Getting Gladiator in Arena, Rated BattleGrounds, We have 9 of 9 Gold Challenge Modes, Come Get Some With Us!
This is an incredible guild, packed with fun, incredible laughs, and experiences. I really want to dig that in to your mind. This guild is the best guild that I've ever been a part of in 9-10 Years of Raiding, from Raiding first string in top 20 US guilds to running a top 200 US guild. Our officers are amazing. The raiders have talent and are loyal. You will not be disappointed. You will finally have found your home in this community, one that I am truly thankful to be apart of.

What We Want
You to come here with the dream of Insanity that we all share. Live it, breath it, embrace it. We want your loyalty. This is your home. Make a commitment to us and we will give back to you with reckless abandon. We want to get to know you, you are not just numbers on a spreadsheet, here in Insanity, You matter. We want to get to know you for many months if not years to come.

We Raid Only 3 Days!:
Tuesday 6:30-10:00 PST (25m)
Wednesday 6:30-10:00 PST (25m)
Thursday 6:30-10:00 PST (25m)

We are relaxed with attendance.
Just keep us posted when things come up.

Why this guild could be great for you!
Because you want Quality, Devoted, Down-to-Earth Leadership that both have experience with ALL End-Game Raiding content since Vanilla. With 9 years of Raid Leading experience and 8 Years of Guild Lead experience of a US 200 Guild. We're looking to bring this guild into top 150, and look to compete for top 100 come Warlords of Draenor. Come be apart of something truly Great. You like the idea of a competitive and entertaining raid environment? You like Alt Raids on the weekends? We Got You. We love our community and spoil our Raiders with 1,000g daily repairs, 300-Stat Noodle Carts, Flasks, Pots, Enchants, Gems, a member SPOTLIGHT and more.

Our Server
Aerie Peak is a High Population server with a booming economy. We Are Server 2nd 25m. There are 12 25m guilds and 60+ 10m guilds. We are in the Nightfall battle group. Alliance to horde ratio is 3.7:1. The server is on Pacific Time and the server is based out of New York.

Warlords of Draenor
Insanity has a strong community for the upcoming expansion and we will raid competitively with our team as a 25man and as a 20man Mythic group. Make this your home and solidify your position in advance for exciting things to come.

579+ ilvl Required

We Have Live Streams
We Create Movies, Check Out Some Links Below for SoO Videos Narrated by HellGoddess:
Immerseus - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpuJMsyD11k
Fallen Protectors - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r70NKLa9a1M
Heroic Norushen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylOalxZSdoY
Heroic Sha - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Stcl79qtUc4
Galakras - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsG07pbN0wA
Iron Juggernaut - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u87mYbvDyg

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If you’d like further information contact HellGoddess (HellGoddess#1691) or Savesyolife.

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Hi there,

<Acuity> is a rather new semi-hardcore guild looking for raiders for 6.0 and WoD. We have a solid 10 man core that is 9/14 H SoO after raiding for only 2 months together. Here is a link to our thread and our guild website. Add me or apply on the website if interested.




Hi there, Darkestsoul! <Precision> is interested in having you come over and join us for the remainder of this tier, and on into WoD! We’re looking for exceptional players who want to push content at a competitive rate with a group of friendly, yet entertaining and fun members! Our current progression is 14/14 Heroic, and our raid times are Tues/Wed/Thurs from 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM ST (CST). I think you’d be a great fit for our guild, and you can find more detailed information on us at our recruitment thread here -


If you’re interested, please do contact one of our officers! I’ll leave their info below!

Contact Information:

Dtown - GM - Dtown#1332
Hubblé - Recruiter - Hubblescope#1476
Hello Darkestsoul, sent you a btaq request. Would like to chat with you more.

We're a Late Night Weekend heroic progression guild on Alleria that's looking to expand for mythic come warlord and is currently recruiting all dps and healing roles. Our raid times are Fri/Sat 1AM EST-0430 EST, (10PM-0130AM PST). We're an easy going bunch of professionals that have real life commitments so we like to use our game time wisely.

Current Progression for the tier is 11/14H, would have liked to push for 14/14H before the patch hits but as with all expansions and guilds, the number one Boss is the Attendance Boss at the end of any tier. Currently we're putting special emphasis on the following classes:

Paladins (HolyMS/OpenOS)
Mages (any spec)
DKs (Dps MS, Tank OS)
Monks (MW MS/Open OS)
Druids,(any dps MS/Heals OS)
Priests(SpriestMS/Heals OS)

If interested, contact: Raidaren#1963 or Zentira#1393. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

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