Arenas.... "Transfer Aborted"

Anyone not being able to enter an arena, then getting deserter?
still happening 10/1/2014. happening back to back arenas.
too many times. Had it happen at least a dozen times now in 30 games...
This deserter debuff was a great idea Kappa. What is wrong with this servers.
here is the tech support thread on it

their best solution right now is to clear out your cache and wtf folders.
Blizzard's tech/networking team is just so good at their jobs it's incredible. You'd think after having 10 years to find exactly what kinds of bugs cause this, solutions would actually be presented so this stuff didn't happen anymore.
god dude, still?
what are supposed to do? "stop queueing" for the next 2 weeks?
how fkin convenient is that
so annoying :(
This has been happening a lot lately.. Why hasn't this been fixed?
:\ This is soo lame.
The 3v3 bracket is now the 2v1 / 1v1 / 2v2/ 2v3 / 3v3 (randomly chosen) bracket.

I personally like the variety it brings to the table over the monotonous 3 vs 3 every time.
Good change by blizzard, imo

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