Warlock 14/14H. LF Guild (WoD)

Guild Recruitment
Keeping it short and simple.

Raid Experience
Throne of Thunder - 13/13H US # 80
Siege of Orgrimmar - 14/14H US#64

Looking for specifically Alliance Guild
Willing to Transfer

Times & Days I prefer

Any times between
5-10PM PST
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Please Contact me here & will get back to you if interested.
    Warlock looking to raid!
    Hey there, we at Second String are the #1 2 day raid guild on US-Bleeding Hollow (Horde)

    We are a WEEKEND MORNING raid Sat & Sun 9AM-2PM EST. Not your typical raid times so i figured i'd check if they worked for you. Our times are especially well suited for those that value career/school development.

    Our group prides ourselves on clearing farm and progressing on only a 2 day raid schedule. We are currently 14/14 25man Heroic SoO. For more you can check our recruitment post here:


    Add me (Sixblade#1561) for more or apply at secondstring.us
    We have only a few DPS positions remaining in our core Mythic roster and would like to offer you a position to trial with us. Please see our information below. Contact me if you have any questions!

    Contingency is a semi-hardcore 10man guild on Alexstrasza looking to recruit for 20man Mythic raiding in WoD. We have already started running 25mans to get our feet wet and ready for Mythic.

    What type of players do we want?
    We want intelligent and active players who are eager to progress through the new content as soon as it's available. We want players who are able to be a part of the team. This involves:

    • Attending virtually all the raids
    • Having stable computers and internet connections
    • Min/maxing your character
    • Making sure you are up to date on all your classes' developments as well as the game's developments and upcoming changes

    What we are looking for:
    While we are looking for the following specific classes we will look heavily at any exceptional applicant.

    • Shaman - Elemental / Enhancement
    • Death Knight - Frost / Unholy
    • Druid - Feral / Boomkin
    • Monk - Windwalker
    • Paladin - Retribution / Holy
    • Rogue
    • Warlock
    • Warrior - Fury / Arms

    Ranks at the end of each tier:
    Tier 12 (25man) 7/7H US #179
    Tier 13 (25man) 8/8H US #84
    Tier 14 (25man) 16/16H US #59
    Tier 15 (25man) 13/13H US #36
    Tier 16 (10man) 14/14H US #70

    We are currently recruiting exceptional players of all classes to continue improving our progression in Warlords of Draenor and beyond.

    Cross-Realm Trials
    We do offer cross-realm trialing under the following conditions:
    • You will not be brought into a Heroic Garrosh kill unless you transfer to us to continue trialing on server. This is to ensure that there is no leaching and that you have shown the intention to continue with us.
    • Current Contingency raid members and on-realm trials have loot priority for main spec or off spec over cross-realm trials.

    Raid Times:
    9:00PM - 12:00AM EST Monday-Thursday

    Contact Information:

    • Divr (Divr#1350)
    • Adellianna (Adel#1579)
    • Problim
    Summit on Bleeding Hollow

    Raid Times:
    Tues Wed n Thurs 7-10 EST (Mon added for WoD)
    We clear in 1 night

    Current Progression:
    US 58th 10M (Prenerf / 2-17-2014)
    Summit is home to some of the fastest kill times in the world.
    Summit also houses many of the top US players by spec according to proraiders.com

    More info on us:
    http://summit.shivtr.com/ - Website
    http://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/guild/9482/latest/#boss=0 - Guilds Logs/Ranks
    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10423882381?page=1#0 - Forum Recruitment

    Looking forward to speaking with you
    Hey luvey, <V A N Q U I S H> is an alliance guild on the Sargeras server focusing on 20-man Mythic content. Our goal is to clear all of the top tier boss encounters of the current raid while keeping our actual raid time to a bare minimum and keeping our raid environment as enjoyable as possible in the process.

    Some of our past achievements throughout each World of Warcraft expansion:

    World 1st Kalecgos
    World 4th Brutalis
    World 4th Felmyst
    World 10th Eradar Twins
    World 10th M'uru
    World 10th Kil'jaeden
    World 1st hard mode XT-002 Deconstructor
    World 1st "The Traitor King" achievement
    U.S. 1st hard mode Hodir
    U.S. 1st Professor Putricide
    U.S. 1st Sindrogosa
    U.S. 1st "The Immortal" achievement
    U.S. 9th hard mode Twin Val'kyr
    U.S. 9th Yogg-Saron "Alone in the Darkness" achievement
    U.S. 14th Algalon, the Observer
    U.S. 25th Illidan Stormage
    U.S. 40th Heroic Garrosh Hellscream
    And more...

    <V A N Q U I S H>'s success throughout the years is solely because we have been lucky enough to recruit motivated and like-minded players who were not only legitimately talented at the classes they play, but also because we genuinely enjoy each other's company in and outside of game. Our goal in each expansion is to continue adding these type of players to our roster in hopes of continuing our past success for the current tier and for expansions to come.

    At this time we're looking for the following classes:

    Shadow Priest

    What <V A N Q U I S H> can offer YOU:

    #1.) STABILITY - VANQUISH has been raiding end-game content since November in 2004, almost a decade now, under the same leadership. The trials and tribulations of the past are a testament to our determination for success in World of Warcraft, a mindset that translates into our boss progression as well.

    #2.) 12 HOUR RAID WEEK - Experiencing top-tier Mythic content while keeping a competitive frame-of-mind doesn't mean we have to put 40 hours a week into raiding. Our goal is to be the go-to guild when it comes to our hardcore-lite raiding schedule; that schedule being 7PM to 11PM central standard time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

    #3.) TEAMWORK - Our players know what it means to be a part of a team, a group of like-minded players who can identify a goal, and know how to work together to achieve that goal. We are not interested in recruiting mercenaries, only looking for a stepping-stone to greener pastures, however, we are interested in recruiting long-term, like-minded members to our team.

    #4.) A FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE - A toxic raid environment is detrimental to the success of the raid itself. Understanding this idea, whether it be farm or progression, we try to keep the guild atmosphere as friendly as possible.

    #5.) SUPPORT - We want our players concerned about boss encounters, not worrying if they have enough gold to repair or if there are any flasks left on the auction house. During progression flasks, food, potions, and repairs are all paid for by the guild.

    #6.) THRIVING SERVER - Sargeras is one of the largest U.S. realms in World of Warcraft. You can pug nearly anything at any hour of the day and our auction house is extremely healthy.

    What we expect from trial members:

    #1.) DEDICATION - Due to our limited raid time, we expect trials to have 100% raid attendance.

    #2.) WILL TO SUCCEED - Having a positive attitude when it comes to progression might be one of the most important qualities we look for in trial members. We want our members to be self-motivated, determined, and to be enthusiastic when it comes to progression through new and old content.

    #3.) RAID AWARENESS - We cannot stress this point enough. If you have a bad habit of getting hit by avoidable mechanics, or getting others killed by doing something you shouldn't be doing, then save yourself the time and money and do not apply here. Bosses can't die if people are killing themselves or others.

    #4.) COMPETITIVE HPS/DPS - While we do prefer survivability over anything else, DPS and HPS marks during boss encounters will always exist in World of Warcraft. Applicants are expected to have respectable damage and healing logs in order to be considered as a trial member.

    #5.) COHESIVE PERSONALITY - It doesn't matter how good you are, or how good you think you are, if you have a bad attitude you will not survive the trial process. Players with negative attitudes are cancerous to the raid environment and no amount of skill can ever justify keeping them in our guild.

    Contact us @ Onslaught#1285 or visit www.vqguild.net today to apply
    Recruiting for Mythic raiding as well as current spots on our SoO Roster!**

    Recruitment needs:


    Always looking for exceptional DPS/Healers/Tanks who think they have what it takes for SoO and WoD Mythic raiding!

    Apply at: http://phoenix.wowlaunch.com/ or contact any officer in-game

    Our raid times are as follows:

    *Tuesday- 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
    *Wednesday- 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
    *Thursday - 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST

    Our number one priority in Phõenix is maintaining our positive environment so that members are happy to log on and excited to raid and work together. However, if there’s someone out there that wants your position more, can fulfill the same environmental requirements, has equal or better performance, and is willing to work harder for the core raid position, then from a Phõenix's standpoint we will need to be bringing those people into raids. As Phõenix improves over time, our raider requirements are going to continue to inflate due to higher competition and higher density of applicants. Some people may get left behind in the process if they don’t continue to improve. We've seen it happen quite a few times already. It’s sad to see good players start to plateau with their performance, but we need to keep moving forward.

    All of these variables will contribute to our overall assessment of your performance as a raider and member within Phõenix (the first three have the highest weight and significance):

    Raid Performance – members interested in raiding with Phõenix must have an exceptional raid performance. Players are required to have a heightened sense of raid awareness and ability to execute boss mechanics near-flawlessly. Mechanic execution is prioritized over numbers that show up on the damage meter. Being able to perform competitive levels of DPS/HPS is also very important, but ignoring boss mechanics to improve your meter performance is not acceptable. We do not carry people that are incapable of performing the tasks necessary to be a core raider (regardless of their seniority or relationships with other players).

    Attendance – the ideal expectancy of raiders is to have 100% attendance. Unexcused absences are unacceptable (no-call, no-show, no-follow up). You are allowed to post on the forums with at least a 24 hour notice if you know you will be absent on a certain raid night. However, these absences are not encouraged and will certainly count against you.

    Proactivity – members who go above and beyond the call of duty are highly valued. Phõenix is comprised of dedicated members who all work hard to achieve a similar goal. We do not carry people! Here are examples that are important characteristics of a proactive raider:
    • Being constructive while sitting out in raids
    • Coming prepared for raids
    • Attending guild meetings/activities
    • Getting involved with handling administrative duties
    • Involvement on the forums
    • Involvement in Mumble
    • Involvement with raid strategy and discussion (join.me screen shares, Google Docs, etc)
    • Spending time outside of raid to work on your raid performance
    • Taking initiative and being productive for well-being of your own performance and for Phõenix

    Core Raiders in Phõenix will not be in the raids 100% of the time:
    For example, let’s say we ideally want to run 2 warlocks in the raid. This doesn’t mean that we only invite our best two warlocks. Obviously, there’s going to be separations in skill level, dedication, and all other variables between different players of the same class/spec. For progression purposes, we will certainly be bringing our X best players of each class/spec. That being said, we would ideally want all of our warlocks (not just the two best) to have relatively equal performance. That way we can effectively rotate warlocks in and out of the raid to keep everyone consistent. Also, if we ever want to stack warlocks, then we have more than two skilled warlocks to bring into the fight that are all capable of executing the mechanics and dealing numbers necessary for competitive raiding. The goal of Phõenix is for players to work with one another, bounce ideas off of each other, and be able to fill in due to absences, internet connection issues, etc. Core raiders must understand that contributing what they can from outside the raid is just as important and necessary as the work that is done within the raid.

    Feel free to contact any officer in-game with any questions!

    Guild Leader: Lustriall BTAG MrsTLC#1941
    Raid Leader: Gangrule BTAG TLC808#1583
    Recruitment Officer: Bobaluy BTAG DiscoDancer#1443
    I don't have a copy and paste thing so i'll keep this short and simple =P

    We are Dsyxleic US 12th 10m Guild Looking for a few more ranged DPS for 6.0

    Raid Times: 8:30PM - 12:00AM EST (Works perfect for you)
    Raid Days: Sunday - Thursday (Almost Perfect =P)

    Shoot me a request and we can talk some more if you can manage 5 nights a week including Sunday + your days.

    Greetings. <Death Jesters> is looking for one exceptional player for a core 25-man raid spot.

    Current level of progression is 14/14HM 25s - US 59th

    Our raid times are Mon - Thu from 9:30pm - 12:30am EST.

    We are likely dropping down to 3 days for WoD.

    Over eight years established, we are the oldest raiding guild on Stormrage, the #1 PvE realm in the US region, and we have a long history that includes many realm first kills. Our raids are streamed online and viewed by thousands of people every night. Outside of main raid we do RBGs, achievement and alt runs, arenas, and more.

    We pride ourselves on being a closely-bonded guild of mature, exceptional players. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and are confident in your skills as an endgame raider, you will find <Death Jesters> to be a perfect fit, and we encourage you to apply.

    If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Death Jester officer: Branhista, Dextar, Dreaz, Eloriya, Sparty (BattlenetID: Sparty#1780 or RealID: spartysmallwood@gmail.com), or email djapps@gmail.com.

    Our recruitment information can be found on our forums: viewforum.php?f=3

    We wish you the best in your guild search!
    HI Luvey,

    Modest was US 2nd for 10 man Heroic in SoO and are recruiting all exceptional players for mythic 20 man raiding next expansion. Modest is an Alliance raiding guild based on the US PST server Kilrogg. We are currently raiding 25m while waiting for 6.0.

    Who we are looking for:

    - We are looking for players who can attend most if not all of our raids; we aren't looking for backups/benchwarmers.
    - We are looking for players who adapt quickly to new fight mechanics and can think on their feet.
    - We are also looking for players who know their class, know how to optimize their gear/talents/glyphs and can bring their full class potential to raids.
    - Finally, yes, we are looking for big numbers. Whether it is healing or damage we need players who can bring the numbers expected of cutting edge Mythic content.

    If you are interested in raiding with us feel free to contact an officer or send in an application by following the Guild Website link at the bottom and filling out an application.

    Our raid schedule is Sunday through Friday 7:00pm - 12:00am PST during Progression. 7 Days for the first two weeks and for the last boss. We raid two days a week during farm, usually Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Contact Information:
    Guild Website - http://modestguild.com/
    If you have any questions you can contact me in game at (Nalp#1927).
    We have a core warlock opening, and observe those times.



    TRG {14/14H, finished US#90 10H} is looking for a fresh face to join our short raiding schedule / high progression 10-man(future 20man) roster!

    Our raid times are M, W, TH 9pm-12am central time.

    Please visit out our realm thread at: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13595099989
    or our web site for more info. You can also BTag me at Gruuv#1705.
    Hi there,

    Omnipotent is currently in search of strong DPS to finish out our core for WoD. We finished US#40 (25man) in SoO and we have recently decided to take certain steps and measures to ensure better success for next expansion as we are aiming to be THE best 3-day a week guild in the US. Here are some details about our guild:

    Tuesday: 7:00pm CST - 11:00pm CST
    Wednesday: 7:00pm CST - 11:00pm CST
    Thursday: 7:00pm CST - 11:00pm CST

    Guild repairs, flasks+pots, carts, enchants, etc to raiders.
    Guild provided DMF trinket at the begining of the WoD expansion.
    We use Mumble as voice communications
    We use loot council to distribute loot.



    WoW Progress:

    If you would like to speak privately before applying and had any questions, you can send me a request on battle.net (Katerra#1707). I hope to speak to you soon. Thanks!
    <Tainted Core> is a Mythic team in the Convert to Raid community on Aerie Peak who is looking for some DPS (mostly ranged) to fill out our ranks and become part of our team. Our core tanks and healers have 14/14 heroic experience in tier 16 and look to continue with the same success in Warlords of Draenor. Our leaders are focused, driven and have pledged to provide a super efficient raiding atmosphere with the goal of having fun killing bosses.

    What we're looking for in fellow raiders:

    Heroic mode raid experience
    Strong understanding of your class
    Strong understanding of the game’s basic combat mechanics
    Demonstrated ability to adequately prepare for upcoming encounters
    An exceptional level of situational awareness

    If you take pride in improving yourself and love to challenge yourself in a team environment then please contact me and I can give you more information about our raiding culture. Klept#1864

    Raid Schedule: Wednesday/Thursday/Monday 5:30 to 8:30 pacific.

    For more info, please check out our team page: http://forums.signalsmedia.com/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=4044

    Our strong needs are:
    Healers: Priests/Paladins/Monks
    Ranged DPS: Ele Shammy, Shadow Priest, Warlocks
    DPS DK

    Medium: Hunter, Mage

    Low: Warrior, Rogue, Druid
    :Nailed it: is a 14/14H 10man with many top 100 players(according to proraiders.com/) currently looking for exceptional players to complete our roaster for mythic raiding come 6.0. Were also a #2 US and #13 in the world speed run guild

    (Going for ranks recent 10M)



    (overall logs)

    Most of the team consists of real life friends that have been playing since vanilla, which means we wont be scared to call each other out when someone screws up . Our primary requirement is that you be able to take criticism. If you're called out for standing in the fire or attacking something you're not supposed to be, learn from it and better yourself.

    Saturday: 2:00p.m. - 7p.m. PST
    Sunday: 2:00p.m. - 7p.m. PST

    Recruitment Needs:

    -ALL DPS
    -Other classes/roles feel free to apply. If you think you have what it takes to compete with our current players, put in an app, and we'll trial you.

    Mal'ganis is one of the highest populated servers in the US with one of the strongest raiding communities many 10 guilds still actively raiding and competing for ranks. If you look at our DPS's parses you'll see that they are among the highest ranked on the server, with many of them being THE highest. If you feel like you can compete with our dps and that this will be a great raiding environment for you, please feel free to join us.

    We will be running a progression based loot council system (of which every raid member is a part), which means we'll give loot to the person who can best use it. That doesn't mean we'll be giving everything to a single person. Most of the distribution is done by only the members who can use said item. Things like raid attendance, previous loot, and raid performance are basically what's looked at when trying to distribute loot.

    You're expected to bring food, flasks, pots, gold for repairs etc...although these are provided for progressions encounters. Enchants and gems are largely funded by the group through selling spirits. You are also expected to be up to date with your specific class and spec and excel at it.

    If interested message hexfactor or Glenmar in game
    hexfactor#1220 - hexfactor
    Nik#1401 - Glenmar (Raid leader)
    Chetnik#1845 - Chetnik (Assistant raid leader)
    Summit on Bleeding Hollow

    Raid Times:
    Tues Wed n Thurs 7-10 EST (Mon added for WoD)
    We clear in 1 night

    Current Progression:
    US 58th 10M (Prenerf / 2-17-2014)
    Summit is home to some of the fastest kill times in the world.
    Summit also houses many of the top US players by spec according to proraiders.com

    More info on us:
    http://summit.shivtr.com/ - Website
    http://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/guild/9482/latest/#boss=0 - Guilds Logs/Ranks
    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10423882381?page=1#0 - Forum Recruitment

    Looking forward to speaking with you
    <Divide> is a hardcore level 25 raiding guild on the US-Stormrage (PvE) server. We are a 25 man heroic progression-focused guild that is looking exceptional players to fill it's ranks!. We are a group of players who have been playing together for multiple years now, however we took a break beginning at the beginning of Mists of Pandaria, and are now reforming to prepare for Mythic raiding in Warlords. In Cataclysm, our core raiding group achieved 8/8H Dragon Soul pre-nerf. Many of our members who stuck around through the majority of Mists cleared heroic raids in mists as well.

    Feel free to contact myself or the Raid Leader if you have any questions or are looking into joining the guild! Or toss an app in at http://divide-stormrage.enjin.com/ (Don't worry, it's short and sweet)
    Myth - Myth#1924
    Snow - Snowangel#1113
    Mancheese - Mancheese#1508

    Our Current High Priority Needs

    Deathknight, DPS (Low)
    Druid, Feral and Boomkin (Low)
    Hunter (Closed)
    Mage (Closed)
    Monk Restoration (High)
    Paladin Holy (Medium)
    Priest Shadow (Medium)
    Rogue (High)
    Shaman Restoration (High)
    Warlock (High)
    Warrior DPS (Medium)

    What You Can Expect From Us

    We offer a progression-minded raid environment. We continually make sure that each of our raiders is performing at the top of their game and those who are found to be under performing are asked to step up their game immediately. As we only raid for 9 hours a week but still aim to clear all heroic content, we don't have time to mess around or carry anyone. While we do like to have fun in between bosses, during trash pulls, on off nights and etc., we know when it's time to get down to business and be serious. On off nights, we offer things like Rated Battlegrounds, Heroic runs, alt runs, achievement runs through old content, as well as multiple guild Arena Teams, if there is the interest.

    What We Expect From You

    We expect first and foremost that you know how to play your class at a proficient level. We also expect that you have an acceptable level of gear. Also, we need you to be open to criticism and be willing to recognize if you're under performing and seek help if you are unable to acquire it on your own, even if we don't call you out on it first. We also require that you are a mature player who likes to have fun. We want to make sure before you get here that you are a player that we will have fun spending at least 9 hours a week with. We also prefer that you are a player who is typically online for more than just to raid - it's no fun to raid with someone that logs in for the raid, logs out afterwards, and then is not seen until the next raid. We also expect you to remember that the fat old woman looked like a lusty wench.

    Raiding With Us

    1. We are a tight-knit group of raiders. We have a set group that we plan on going in with every night, but EVERYONE who is raider status in our guild will get a chance to raid. We do not run one set of group, to be successful we must have many successful people so everyone will get a chance to be in almost every night of raid.
    2. Only main characters are allowed in the raid. Depending on raid composition, however, the raid leader or role leader may request that you bring an alt in order to have a better group (e.g. we don't have enough healers for the night and you have a well-geared healer alt).
    3. We use a Loot Council system to distribute loot in our main raids. Factors that we look at when determining winners are: size of upgrade, overall performance, dedication to guild, and rank
    4. Mumble is expected to be kept clear at all times during times of progression. We like to chatter in-between farm bosses, during trash, and etc, but our ultimate goal during our raid times is to down bosses. We have designated in-game chat channels, as well as raid chat and guild chat, for each of the roles represented in the raid (e.g. melee, ranged, healers, and tanks). Discussion not pertinent to the encounter at hand should be kept there.
    5. DPS are expected to pre-pot as well as pot during the middle of encounters. Period. Wiping to Heroic Majordomo at 40k health left sucks.
    6. If you are consistently under performing, you will be replaced. We genuinely like everyone we allow into the guild, however we are progression-minded and need the best possible group, every position is competitive (this helps all our raiders stay at the top of their game).

    Raid Times

    Sunday: Off Night
    Monday: Off Night
    Tuesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST
    Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST
    Thursday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST
    Friday: Off Night
    Saturday: Off Night
    Hey there, Luvey!

    I know you're looking more towards alliance over horde, but if something changes your mind, check us out!

    We are currently in the hunt for driven and motivated individuals who hold a performance minded mentality. In the 4 months of being No Mercy in this Dojo, we have managed to muster up 9/14H in the first 3 months, putting us in a pretty good position if this were the beginning of MoP, which, it is not. We are striving to push the envelope a little further, faster come WoD and are looking for a few knowledgeable individuals to fill/replace a few positions we have vacant.

    Feel free to check out our recruitment threads:

    Papichulo#1562, if No Mercy in this Dojo peaks your interest, lets chat!
    You're likely swamped with responses. I've been where you are. Looking for something that you hope will be the same or an improvement from where you just were. Eventually you talk to so many groups that they all blur together and you just pick someone so that you'll have somewhere to go. Take the time and talk to me. I want you to find a forever home. Somewhere you can build a foundation and a future filled with friendships and a fulfilling raid atmosphere.


    Founded in 2007, 14/14 HM SoO(25m), (Server: Aerie Peak-PVE)
    Come Kill Heroic Garrosh with us.
    We do not recruit for bench.
    Confidence is a must, Cockiness is a plus, Arrogance is not desired.

    Guild Make-Up
    Insanity is filled with primarily people from the ages 25-40.

    What We're About
    This guild is a warm, welcoming, and nurturing place. We have people in it that do voice impersonations, we have a fantastic sense of humor with a balance of determination on the content at hand. We are NOT the type to yell or scream at you, we treat people like the adults that they are.
    We enjoy spending time with each other on Vent, during off-times, joking, drinking, working like crazy on achievements, running Scenarios, collecting Pokemon, Getting Gladiator in Arena, Rated BattleGrounds, We have 9 of 9 Gold Challenge Modes, Come Get Some With Us!
    This is an incredible guild, packed with fun, incredible laughs, and experiences. I really want to dig that in to your mind. This guild is the best guild that I've ever been a part of in 9-10 Years of Raiding, from Raiding first string in top 20 US guilds to running a top 200 US guild. Our officers are amazing. The raiders have talent and are loyal. You will not be disappointed. You will finally have found your home in this community, one that I am truly thankful to be apart of.

    What We Want
    You to come here with the dream of Insanity that we all share. Live it, breath it, embrace it. We want your loyalty. This is your home. Make a commitment to us and we will gave back to you Twenty Fold. We want to get to know you, you are not just numbers on a spreadsheet, here you matter to us and we want to get to know you for many months if not years to come.
    We Raid Only 3 Days!:
    Tuesday 6:30-10:00 PST (25m)
    Wednesday 6:30-10:00 PST (25m)
    Thursday 6:30-10:00 PST (25m)

    We are relaxed with attendance.
    Just keep us posted when things come up.

    Why this guild could be great for you!
    Because you want Quality, Devoted, Down-to-Earth Leadership that both have experience with ALL End-Game Raiding content since Vanilla. With 9 years of Raid Leading experience and 8 Years of Guild Lead experience of a US 200 Guild. We're looking to bring this guild into top 150, and look to compete for top 100 come Warlords of Draenor. Come be apart of something truly Great. You like the idea of a competitive and entertaining raid environment? You like Alt Raids on the weekends? We Got You. We love our community and spoil our Raiders with 1,000g daily repairs, 300-Stat Noodle Carts, Flasks, Pots, Enchants, Gems, a member SPOTLIGHT and more.

    Our Server
    Aerie Peak is a High Population server with a booming economy. We Are Server 2nd 25m. There are 12 25m guilds and 60+ 10m guilds. We are in the Nightfall battle group. Alliance to horde ratio is 3.7:1. The server is on Pacific Time and the server is based out of New York.

    Warlords of Draenor
    Insanity has a strong community for the upcoming expansion and we will raid competitively with our team as a 25man and as a 20man Mythic group. Make this your home and solidify your position in advance for exciting things to come.

    579+ ilvl Required

    We Have Live Streams
    We Create Movies, Check Out Some Links Below for SoO Videos Narrated by HellGoddess:
    Immerseus - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpuJMsyD11k
    Fallen Protectors - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r70NKLa9a1M
    Heroic Norushen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylOalxZSdoY
    Heroic Sha - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Stcl79qtUc4
    Galakras - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsG07pbN0wA
    Iron Juggernaut - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u87mYbvDyg

    3/28/14 HEROIC Galakras - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2Z9fAGKEaU
    3/31/14 HEROIC Iron Juggernaut - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB-7QNSAoqg

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    Our Website is:

    No application required.

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    (¸.•Real ID: HellGoddess#1691

    If you’d like further information contact HellGoddess (HellGoddess#1691) or Savesyolife.

    We're looking for a Warlock to add to our 14/14H 10man (Soon to be Mythic!), and would be very interested in hearing from you. We're a new hardcore progression guild formed with a mixed bag of motivated individuals. From people who have little past heroic experience but can demonstrate their raid readiness, to former top 30 US raiders. Brought together by the same goal of wanting to clear content while relevant, pushing progression at a competitive pace in a fun and focused raiding atmosphere in order to finish the tier quickly, and enjoy a relaxed raiding schedule during farm.

    Since our guild's creation on March 19th, we formed with the main goal of killing Heroic Garrosh in a relatively short amount of time after our transition from 25man to 10man. We successfully completed that goal on April 29th and established ourselves as a competitive progression guild on the highly populated realm, Sargeras. Now we’re looking ahead to continue to strengthen our roster for Mythic and beyond. We're looking for skilled raiders who are also personality fits for long term raiding. So regardless of where you're at right now gear/experience-wise, if you're goals line up with ours, check out our official recruitment post (linked below)! If you'd like to find out more, I'd love to hear from you, please add my btag MistbornMonk#1453.

    Here's a link to our recruitment post where you can better get an idea of our philosophy:

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