Tanks: How do you deal with bads in Pugs?

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If someone has truly managed to annoy me while I'm on my paladin.. I'll pull a couple rooms worth of stuff.. wait for everyone to group up and begin attacking.. and then bubble myself.

Then I'll stand there and /dance while immune, and watch them all die. Then once they've met with a bloody end, I'll drop group.
People think it's LFD when in reality it's the dungeons that are the problem. When the dungeons are tough people will take them a bit more seriously. For instance in cata even in LFD players behaved way way better and were much more patient.
10/13/2014 12:52 AMPosted by Somaliu
[quote="147269885463"]When I'm tanking I just make sure I keep the healer near me and happy.

The rest solves itself.

^^ This. Give me a happy healer and the rest of the party matters to the sum of nil.
The guildie and myself are the only people who moved the entire instance. I just got aggro they killed things and we were still done in 10 minutes (siege of niuzao takes ages I know).

On a more serious note, keep your healer happy and you will do fine. You and the healer can take that place, those dps? ya sure they might be able to also, but you can chain pull faster.
You laugh as you refuse to pull aggro off a mob they pulled. I only do this to douchebags though, Usually I taunt off decent people.
I don't even look at the DPS meters in leveling dungeons unless I notice that stuff is living waaaaaaay longer than it should be. I just do my thing and keep a weather eye on the healer (mana and hp). If DerPS want to pull stuff and bring it into my pile then I'll eventually get it off them. If they just start attacking random crap and are "tanking" it away from my mass of mobs eff them. I'm not gonna die and my healer's not gonna die, the other 3 may but if they do they brought it on themselves.
I only have control over so much. Undisciplined or crazy Eddie players are just part of random grouping, and likely always will be.

IMO, a tank should be the calm and collected one, that values the team and mission over minor issues like arguing over a bad pull or some other mistake. In the event of something bad, the team will need to regroup, refocus, and believe they can do it this time.

Or if not feeling that, just move forward again like it never happened. If the team would rather not move forward, then I'm wasting my time and will get another instance soon enough.

But that's just like my opinion, man.
10/13/2014 01:01 AMPosted by Xrystal
People think it's LFD when in reality it's the dungeons that are the problem. When the dungeons are tough people will take them a bit more seriously. For instance in cata even in LFD players behaved way way better and were much more patient.

That is likely more true.

A ranged dps can pull all day, and I can pull or chase around that aggro back to me. It's more annoying than if I did it myself, but it is just an annoyance.

I assume they are mostly heirloom people. I actually had a really good frost mage pulling in one group I had (his/her idea) and it worked out nicely (they would aggro and pull to me, and then freeze them all in place, and I'd aoe aggro to me). The healer didn't say a word and even stayed to re-queue a dungeon, and kept me alive when surrounded by a ton of mobs, and I loved every second of it as a warrior. Few things as awesome for a tank as finally stopping due to all enemies being dead, as their corpses from a circle around you.
I don't even care about the DPS doing whatever they are doing. It doesn't bother me in the slightest, not one single bit. Reason for this is simple if you want to tank em then tank em if not then bring them to me. As far as ive seen from a resto point of view ill just flat not heal you, watch you die and not rez you. Sorry you are a bad player for not letting the tank do their job. If you don't let them do their job I wont do mine for you.

The real heart of the issue Is that those occasions are truly rare. When I tank on my DK if you want fast pulls ill give them to you. If you want slower pulls you can have that too. When you pull for me then complain that I don't save you, now YOU have a problem not me.

True tanks love watching a pile of mobs die at their hands. Whats so fun about wiping from a bad pull? Nothing, so why do it? If you want to tank, why are you in my group? Its pretty cut and dry in my opinion.
10/13/2014 01:31 AMPosted by Sickopsycho
Low level tanks beat most dps because they get the first attack and aoe the mobs to get agro giving them huge dps.

At low level you could solo the dungeons so I don't think it really matters about dps very much


It took me a second to realize that OP was talking about pre-cap dungeons (and even now with people over 550 you can just wreck stuff in capped dungeons)

Tanks seem to be top dps on almost all trash due to AoE and how fast everything dies up until at least level 80 or so. Even single target (just leveled a brewmaster) is very comparable it seems at low levels.

I think you have picked up the diesese that so many get, Tankleetism. I admit, I have come down with this before as well having leveled pallys, warriors, monks, and DKs (did Druid healing) as tanks. There were times when I thought.... "just let me pull you nubs"..... but everything always died and I stopped carring. No more telling hunters to turn off taunt, no more telling locks to stop using booberry, no more telling mages not to pull 3 extra packs over to us, rets could be wearing int, reto druids could be wearing agi, hey look, another shadow priest healer... no problem... it doesn't matter.

When will this matter? This will matter in WoD for the first few months before people can do the dungeons blindfolded again... after that... whatever, let's just get this done.
Aoe abilities are generally not off cool down when a dps pulls additional mobs, so it is annoying to aggro them one at a time for a second or three. I don't really care about the dpser as much as the healer. Now they have to also heal two people like I have to tank/aggro two groups of mobs.

Slows things down most the time, when the dps puller thinks it doesn't.

Apparently WoD will make this problem of dps pulling more a death issue for the dps by dungeons being harder and healing being for less :)
I'm sorry a lot of you think I come off as "arrogant" or "elitist" because you have it all wrong.
In general, I guess, I'm not in a deathrace with time to finish dungeons. I wanted it to be enjoyable but a lot of players just wanna zoom and get all tied if you dont do what they want--waaa.
They need to make dungeons for zoomers and casuals.

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