Getting 1 hit low level

Bug Report
Yeah this is happening to me in Mulgore with the Windfury Wind Witch harpies.
Got a thread going for the bugged mobs. Check the list at and post any newfound bugged mobs.
Wretched Hooligan Melee hit You 288 Physical. (162 Overkill)
You died.

lel 6 vs me at lvl 9

eversong woods near sunsail anchorage
@tremonti Do you want me to repost everything over there?
cbf reading all that
Just a suggestion....would probably be easier for them to fix if everything's in one place.
This has been happening to me as well in several dungeons. Sometimes we have to just abandon group because we cant finish it.
Also getting 1 shotted in the worgen starting zone by banshees. Hey blizz! Might want to give the mob's dps a whack or two with the old nerf bat eh?
From pulling together what I have been reading in general it seems to be low level MoB in world or in dungeons that have mana bars. However it is not a cast spell that is hitting so hard it is a physical attack.
Same here!
You asked for a more challenging leveling experience, Blizzard listened!

Now learn to CC, kite, LOS, and form 5-man groups to take down a single quest mob!
The problem, Chances, is that you now have to start grouping at level 1, and you had better have a healer and a tank that can take 200 plus points of damage a crack...or you won't level at all.

See the problem??
Im a level 9 goblin and I cannot do the pygmy quests because anytime I get near the towns I'm one shotted by the level 7 & 8 guards and headhunters. The witchdoctors I need to kill for a quest shot me for over 2/3 of my total health! Its very frustrating to constantly die when Im doing low level quests. I don't have any choice but to run back in and Immediately die again.
This is happening to me in the orc starting zone with the quest Burning Blade Medallion. I can't progress. Hopefully all of this will be fixed soon
Yep.... i had it happen on my level 22 warrior.... in full BOAs, 1 shot by bosses in SFK.

Also, as a DK in the starter quest, first thing you fight.

I'm so glad they redid the numbers and stats system.... and tested it in Beta for months and months... and months.... and this is what we get ;p

awesome. It *is* launch week though. That's why I usually try to avoid the 1st / 2nd month of anything launching. It's never smooth. Especially with Blizzard...
Good times.
@solairius I agree , when investigating some of these mobs for fun, found that my level 7 mage was getting 1 shot by the level 1 Manawyrms thought it was pretty cool.
Blizzard just announced a hotfix incoming for this.
praise the lawd xD
10/16/2014 10:34 AMPosted by Kagasuki
Blizzard just announced a hotfix incoming for this.

Link to the announcement?

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