Travel Form / Flight Form Merge

Oh god, tell me about it! I think we should be able to pick between speed or being mounted, but NOT between "Can be stag at will" or "forced into Flight Form". It makes me actually debate NOT buying flying in Pandaria on her just so I can enjoy stag form there. I mean, I have my other non-druids to fly around to grind stuff, so why not?
I hate this change. I have somehow managed to be unaffected by this change until I changed my Glyphs and removed the Stag Glyph. Upon doing so it said you unlearned Flight Form. I started freaking out. Found out it's just combined. I absolutley detest this change. This is a ROLE PLAY game. You should be able to change into any form you want to. Not just stuck with Flight or Stag/Cheeta depending on the areas ability to fly or not. Please Blizzard, change this back! In my opinion Blizzard just took away the players ability to ROLE PLAY. I HATE THIS!
this change is/was complete was a waste of resources to code and develop it...i dont know any druid that likes it, and being someone who has mained a drood since vanilla i really hate this change...please revert blizz...please dont make me be an ugly deer thing, the cheeta was purfect for so many reasons.
Get the glyph and bury this back in the graveyard you dug it out of.
Blizzard give our flight form button back. Whoever took it away should be banned from making changes to WOW for life!

At times its nearly impossible to get the flight form rather than the ground travel form, its a pain in your drain!
I have to say I'm rather surprised. Over a year since they implemented this with a significant number of complaints, and it still hasn't been changed. It's been a while since I've played a druid and have now also run into the frustration of not being able to change forms. Eventually, I may end up just getting the glyph of the Stag just to have flight as a separate thing, but I like having the 60% boost in speed. I really hate that I can only choose one or the other.

I would much prefer just having a separate flight ability all on itself. I do like how it will automatically switch from aquatic to flight forms when you jump out of the water, but I really want a choice in stag or flight. Especially playing on an RP server, I use the stag form for things and it's truly annoying not being able to choose my own damn form!

Apparently Blizzard has been deaf to its players as of late...
the only sure fire way of becoming a Cheetah or stag is if you aggro something and shift. What i dont understand is why have the Cheetah glyph if the only way to change into regular Stag form is this? Sure Draenor had a lack of flight till now and maybe in the lost isles, but what about Azeroth or Outlands? Look, you want people to play these classes? Then let's start by aking them appealing. For instance, everyone loved the Simbiosis Spell. Why did you have to take it away? I actually had found it useful when my whole raid party died and i was the only one alive because i cast it on a hunter and them Mass rezed them. This goes for alot of the other classes.
Hate the merge
11/06/2015 09:18 PMPosted by Cátform
Hate the merge

Necro the thread.
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