The new models were not ready.

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Warning: Long post

In the beginning, it was stated that the new character models had their own dedicated art team, and that they would be released (race by race) when they were ready. Now, close to the release of Draenor, we are seeing practically the entire roster (excluding bloodelves) being implemented into WoW.

Now, I don't necessarily have a problem with having the models sooner than expected, but I am concerned by their quality (or lack of) compared to the original unveiling of the first two models: The orc and dwarf males.

For example, take a look at the new dwarf male. Look through his selection of beards and look through all the colors and notice the smooth forms and the natural highlights. In my opinion, they look really good and nicely done. Objectively, they're a lot higher quality than the other beards/hair that were created for the other models... which leads me to wonder...

Were the rest rushed to meet some deadline? And if so, did Blizzard outsource some of the work to help get them done?

The ones shown at blizzcon looked so much better, and that's because I doubt there was any real time constraint to get them done. But now, looking at all the new models together, I can see where corners were cut.

Now before anyone complains that I'm making up conspiracies, I'm just asking an honest question here. There are so many glaring issues regarding color, artistic design, and animations that I'm having a hard time believing that the rest of these new models were worked on with the same level of effort and care as the Dwarves and Orcs were given.

Overall Criticisms:

The new model's bodies represent the old very closely, but the new faces sorely represent the original feel of the old models. The key offender is the eyes; they never change shape or form. Eyes are such a critical point in determining a person's mood, expression, and personality. So because all these faces have the same eyes, they all begin to just look like slight alterations of the same face instead of separate identities. There are also examples of the actual face shape not correctly representing the original model.

Many people have given criticisms about the new animations. The main focus are the running and the emote animations. Most do not like how "bouncy" and "jumpy" their characters run now, nor do most enjoy looking at a select few "humorous" facial animations you do while you use an emote (such as /flex or /dance). Even though there have been many posts/threads/tweets etc. on these issues, Blizzard has chosen to ignore them.

Now, for the objective criticisms of the art itself:

There are glaring issues of colors not correctly being translated to the new models. Many examples of this are the hair, eyes, markings, hooves, and makeup not being the same color as the original models.

Being that these are all texture related, they should be an easy fix, but as of yet, nothing has been done to fix these issues. The whole point was for us to immediately recognize our characters when we logged in, but how are we to do that when the colors arent even right? Using the correct colors is not hard; this should not have been an issue in the first place.

The dwarven hair on both the male and female are of a higher quality when compared to the other new models.

Compare the dwarven beards to the other beards in the game.
Compare the braided dwarven female hair to the other braided hair in the game (troll female is a good example).
Hopefully you're able to see the difference in quality.

Individual Criticisms:

There are many threads that have addressed the many issues with the new models, but I'm just going to list the main ones that I've personally noticed on my own characters (as well as some that I've read about). Feel free to post/link your own feedback.


    Human hairstyles are very messy, flat, and unkempt compared to the originals.

    The painted hair color on the head frequently does not match with the actual hair/beard color.

    You can see where the sideburns are "cut off" at the top when using a bald/balding hairstyle.

    The "crew cut" is basically flat hair textures stuck on top of the head and is not professionally done.

    The "short bob" hairstyle for females is poorly done; you can easily see it's just a paper thin model stuck on her head (when viewing from the back).

    The Wizard beard is not of the same artistic quality that is present with the dwarven beards (nor are most of the beards for that matter). It's also not one complete piece anymore; the new model separates the sideburns from the goatee and leaves the middle open to show the off-color painted hair texture.

    The females have lost a majority of their eyeshadow (most noticeable on the darker skin tones).

    Many eye colors aren't the same.

    The females also have very high eyebrows, which do not match the expression of the originals.

    The hairstyles need a revamp to match the quality of the dwarves.

Night Elves:

    The females no longer have eyelashes. They were there previously, but they went missing and never returned in beta.

    Females have lost the darkness around their eyes.

    The female eyes are also very round instead of the almond shape they used to have.

    For some reason the Females are stuck with"Death Knight" eyes (which was a bug in beta that was never fixed).

    Their eyeglow clips through headwear and also goes away and clips on the model when viewing your character at certain angles.

    Their markings have lost their iridescence and are very splotchy and sub-par in quality.

    Their actual face shapes is different than the original.

    A number of hairstyles don't keep the same overall shape.

    One of the blue beards is the wrong color.

    The texture quality of the male is quite blurry compared to the rest.

    The Female's abdominal muscles are not anatomically correct.

(I've only played/read about females)

    Hooves are paler and/or not the same color as the originals.

    The hair/fur seen around the edges of the hooves in the original model is now gone on the new model.

    The eyes are a lot larger and are now blue instead of white. The only exception is the dark skin, which now gives you green eyes (which is nothing like the original model).

    The lipstick is very pale in comparison to the old.

    The face with the lipstick used to have a "heart" shaped mouth, it does not anymore.

    The lips protrude and the profile has a slight overbite.

    A number of hairstyles don't keep the same overall shape.

    The posing of the legs are more bent, making their overall height shorter. Also, because the legs are less straight, they could be interpreted as more "insect" like (like the klaxxi).


    The females share the same fur pattern as the males (original models had their own separate fur patterns).

    The female tauren nose is very camel like, and she now has a cleft upper lip (both were never present in the original)

    Many of the fur/hair colors do not match with the old models. (black is now grey etc.)

    The original unveiling of the Tauren at blizzcon (which was a work in progress) had a feather attached to his horn; this is not presented as an option as people wished it would be.

    The eyes of the females are more flat on the face like a human, instead of off to the side like they were originally.

    The hooves also don't match the original colors.

(Focusing on the females)

    They took away the perpetual smile face and gave them a perpetual agitated/frown face.

    There eyes are very big, and are also all the exact same shape. Because of this, not all the faces correctly represent the older faces.

    The only thing I read about the new males was that a person wanted their purple eyes back (hopefully this has been corrected).

(I don't play a dwarf, but this is what I've noticed)

    Many hair colors arent the same as they used to be.

    The female face shape is quite different than the original.

    The female faces also are very different from the originals.

    Any silver decorations in the hair is now gold.

(I'm not too familiar with these either, but this is what I've read)

    Females lost the "skull-face"

    Males lost the "no eyes in sockets" options.

    Many faces don't appear to look like the originals

As for the orcs and trolls, I know that some of the hair doesn't quite keep with same overall shape as the original, but as for other things, I'm going to have to apologize for not being able to list anything as I don't really recall what the "before" looked like, nor have I read much about them.

I know this was a long post, so I give thanks to those who've read it. I know much of what I said has already been posted many times on the beta, ptr, and fansite forums, but as you can see with what was released today, not much was taken into consideration with the final product. And to those who would suggest that updates will come, I guess we will have to wait and see.

I don't really think that should be an option however, as they should've never been released to the public unfinished in the first place. I would much rather wait 'till these were actually ready than to have most of them available now, as I feel many of the models have suffered for it.

Once again, thanks for your time, and have a nice day.
This seems like it was prepared well in advance and just pasted. Were you even considering giving the new models a chance, or did you just jump right to the conclusion that they suck and build a summer home there?
Blizz wont make everyone happy ever. You are one of those just not happy, with it.

On the other hand, I am VERY HAPPY!

Thank you Blizz!!
OP your body was not ready for this. Just leave WoW.

People like me will enjoy the new models.
For 98% of the time, you're never aware of new models because most don't run around naked.
My only real issue with mine is that the shoulder plates on my Undead seem to float freely on his shoulders.
10/14/2014 11:44 AMPosted by Níghtwing
This seems like it was prepared well in advance and just pasted. Were you even considering giving the new models a chance, or did you just jump right to the conclusion that they suck and build a summer home there?

The new models have been on the beta and PTR for quite some time, many unchanged for quite some time. Plenty of time to write this in advance.

For example, lost skullface is still lost.
And you thought the only giant wall was in Pandaria.
10/14/2014 11:47 AMPosted by Brightbrown
For 98% of the time, you're never aware of new models because most don't run around naked.

Speak for yourself.

OP, fwiw I and many others agree and see the blantant difference in the work put in between, say, dwarf males and night elf males. NE beards look like those plastic toys you might find at a drug store during Halloween. Dwarf beards look like they're actually part of the dwarf and made of hair.

We are just met with "turn them off in the options" to "deal with Blizzard's poor work" instead of holding Bliz to what they said they would do. Even in beta and with new models disabled, some colorings are off and pieces of gear have resized or fit differently now. We don't even truly have our old models some of the time.

But I'm hopeful that some things are still being addressed! Like the buggy gear on the new models, or the waist clipping, or the shields going through my face when I'm mounted! I'm sure it's next on the list of things to fix right after the female worgen hair clipping :)
We have been submitting reports and forum posts for months over on the BETA. They wanted feedback and we gave it to them in droves but very few of the issues were fixed. Hell, we didn't even get any proper response to all the concerns. I won't be home to my main computer for another hour but I bet I'm still missing hair. MISSING HAIR. I can't complain it looks bad because it isn't even there anymore. *shakes fist*
Touché Blizz... Touché.
I can't speak for everyone, but I love the new Saehri.
10/14/2014 11:44 AMPosted by Níghtwing
This seems like it was prepared well in advance and just pasted. Were you even considering giving the new models a chance, or did you just jump right to the conclusion that they suck and build a summer home there?

Before I posted this, I logged in to make sure my concerns were still valid. The models that went live today are the exact same as the ones on beta/ptr. People have been giving feedback ever since they hit beta on how to make them better/closer to the originals, but the majority of it was ignored.

I have high standards for blizzard, and these do not meet this standard.
I might not agree with the OP's complaint, but I appreciate that he put in the time to post some detailed constructive criticism. I wish more model complaint threads did this.
I have a strong suspicion that someone up the food chain got a bug up their butt about "new character models" being VITAL and rushed the whole group through, probably pulling resources from other areas of production. Because if real life has taught me anything, it's that the higher you go in a corporation, the dumber the decisions that come down.
Are you kidding me, all of this was already mentioned HEAPS of times in artcrafts, beta forums and PTR forums. If they went live despite all that then they just don't give a crap.

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