6.0.2 Exorcism Priority with T16 2p

With the Ret T16 2 set now being activated by Exorcism, I was wondering how people are prioritizing it in the rotation now?

I have tried tinkering with it by casting Exo only when AoW drops but was wondering if casting Exo every time it's available in order to try to get the next proc going ASAP would be better?

I'm hoping someone has done the maths behind this to see which would average the highest uptime.

I know everything is winding down and will become irrelevant, but I still want to do my best for the next month.
Doh, I probably should have read this first.

Guess it's still low priority
Hrm, after going over some logs from a test clearing on Tuesday this is something I'd like to revisit.

I was still haste stacked at the time but was getting these averages through 12 bosses + trash:
Judgement - 4.93k
Crusader Strike - 3.72k (~5.95k with 60% buffed mastery)
Exorcism - 5.28k

On these averages I would need a raid buffed 42% Mastery for CS to overtake Exo, which should be easily attainable. Seeing as Judgement no longer provides a debuff and not being affected by Mastery (didn't it used to?), wouldn't this push Exo ahead of Judgement in priority?

I believe these Exo hits probably take the AoW 2p Bonus but removing that 5% would still put Exo at a 5.03k baseline average.

I don't do enough Theorycrafting to figure out how this would scale for other players at different ilvl, but it seems I will probably be going CS > Exo > Judgement for the remainder of the xpac unless they do more tuning.

If I am making a serious error here, someone please let me know :)
I was simming this earlier today to try to find out why Exo isn't prioritized above Judgment since Exo hits harder, gain benefit from 2pc, and neither benefit from Hand of Light.

Even though everything points at Exo should be ahead of Judgment, sims still show that moving Exo above Judgment results in a very minor decrease in DPS. There must be something missing, not sure what yet.
Judgment has a shorter cooldown (so does CS; keeping them on CD is consistently faster HoPo build-up for finishers) and benefits from additional seal damage.
10/16/2014 09:47 AMPosted by Hairoique
Judgment has a shorter cooldown and benefits from additional seal damage.

Thank you very much.

Adding 12% Seal Damage would put Judgement at 5.52k and > Exo. This also raises the CS Mastery floor for my gear to ~48.4% buffed to keep CS > Judgement.

Sometimes I know just enough to get myself in trouble for not knowing enough.

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