Major Glyph of Frost Trap- SNAKES?!

Long story short I'm sad that snake trap was removed, but understand abilities need to be merged for the sake of the prune. I understand how a slow, a dot and a cast slow would be OP. Hence I ask it be changed into a glyph that modifies frost trap. Boom, slow it already there, add in a little dot and give or take the slowdown to cast times and you've got a pretty balanced ability. Most importantly hunters can fling snakes at people again, something that will only be missed more as the days go on.
Was there a point to this thread? I must have missed it.
you do realize snake trap is already a glyph to replace frost trap, trading aoe slow for the dot slow.

the cast time reduction debuff has been removed from the game entirely

So basically you get a choice of a static slowdown area with a long duration, or a "mobile" slowdown with a shorter 12 sec duration. I like the option to swap glyphs in and out for this according to the fight.
brb glyphing it now thanks people

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