bug in the vile spray elementals in darkshore

Bug Report
i am a level 12, and those things are a level 10. they killed me in one shot.
Be sure to post this on the bug report forum. They want to hear about these situations.
Its a bug with anything with a mana bar at what I'm guessing is lower levels. In a fully Heirloomed and enchanted level 14 druid and nearly got 2 shot by a level 10 mob just because it had a mana bar. Couldn't run Ragefire do to this as well.

I get mistakes happen but can we get on this please? Thanks. =D

Slight addition to this.

Dark Shaman Acolyte Corrupted Lava Burst hit you 478 Fire. (1450 Overkill) at level 14

at level 15 the ghosts around Bashel'Aran were hitting for about 500 to 1000 damage depending. Again only those with mana bars.

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