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Blizzard.. *stares the devs in the eye and yells*


My priest... She's... *begins to break down*

*cries a little*

*sigh* OK...


I understand that you might have gotten some complaints about the gnome female's initial smile. Well, we did notice that the smile initially looked a little bit like the Joker. But when we said "change the smile", we did NOT BY ANY MEANS mean REMOVE the smile!!! Also, my poor priest looks like she hasn't slept in weeks!

The reason I initially leveled a gnome was because of the gnomes' personality as a race. To me, they always seemed like a cheerful and happy race, not even seeming to mind that their home was destroyed by radiation. The voice acting also helped achieve that as well. Now, with the new model, my poor gnome looks depressed and sleep deprived.

Blizzard, my point in making this is not to criticize the models as a whole, overall, I really like the new models. But I'm BEGGING you, PLEASE consider adding a smile to the gnome females again (and get rid of the bags under her eyes!)


A Very Angry Elidget the Gnome.

P.S: You really need to listen to your customers about the models as a whole, they're really not happy.

Edit: 10/26: Whoa! 104 replies! Thanks guys!

If only they realized that the gnomes aren't all angry and have tired eyes. Oh well.

If female worgen are any indication, they'll refuse to make any changes because their art team will be too busy giving Thrall his fifth model update.
I plan on submitting daily bug reports, suggestions, and tickets until this is fixed. Don't like it?

Ban me.

I am ENRAGED at how badly Blizz has screwed this up. ENRAGED.
10/14/2014 04:35 PMPosted by Elidget
stares the devs in the eye

So, did you knock the devs onto the ground first or...

Shocking and mindblowing
As a gnome myself I LOVE the models. You just have to amble to the barber shop to get non baggy gnome eyes. As luck had it the look I had right as I logged in was perfect. Perky mad scientist extraordinaire!
10/14/2014 06:12 PMPosted by Cantaloupe

THIS is exactly what the gnomes need. The eyelid is probably the major put off the model imo.
I really wanted to level a female Gnome, until I found out that they removed the cheery "yay!" faces. Sure, the ones that are on live DO closely resemble the older faces, but the happy ones were still good.

If you check the WoD website right now, the female gnome that is on display in the "new models" section still has the happy face. You can't do that if it's not in the game. Yeah, I'm nitpicking here, but you're selling a product with the promise of something that isn't in there. That's wrong.

Come with us, it's an overall point we're making for Gnome females.
The eyes are mitigated by goggles but unfortunately they don't cover the new gigantic lips.
10/14/2014 06:20 PMPosted by Dela

That's not even .. I'm so sorry. I'm dreading logging into my Gnomes. :(
Definitely not happy about this, half my characters are gnomes. How can I lull unsuspecting pixels to their doom when my gnomes all look pissed off? The pixels will get suspicious...
They ran through a several different versions of the female gnome, and indeed the female human, in the beta. All the faces had the same look with only subtle differences. They didn't have to give all the faces the same look, which is what they did. They MADE other models, why don't they throw some of those our way?

Additionally, the person who remade the haircuts on the female gnomes should be fired. In the beta the hair on several of the cuts was botched. Blizzards solution: color the female gnomes head the same color as their hair and put a widows peak on em. So instead of fixing their mistake they made another so the botched haircuts wouldn't be as noticeable. Nice try, but it looks worse.
logged in this morning...still ugly
At least one or two faces could have a gentle smile like the originals do. The extremely grouchy crazy face looks perfect for my warlock, and the serious, frowning one is perfect for my priest.

I hated that joker smile but I never asked for every face to look murderously angry either lol. I give up! I'm very happy with a couple of my gnomes and I'm scared to push them any farther, never know what they'll do..
Yah I got one to show too:

The eyes, man. What the hell... ?
I look awesome, in my opinion.


Armory pose sucks.
10/15/2014 06:55 AMPosted by Trixye
I look awesome, in my opinion.


Armory pose sucks.

Yeah, it looks like you are suffering from stomach cramps.
Upvoting your post OP.
I think female gnomes turned out to be the worst.

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