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Have you ever noticed the snarky "What the hell is this guy even thinking?" look the female gnome icon had for 10 years now during character creation?
I am still a sad gnome. Do you see me smiling?

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Female Gnome face option 2 needs the most reworking, I think.

In the old model, it was the one that I thought of as the "Yay!" reminded me of this emoticon =D. It was by far my favorite option and I used it on all of my gnome characters. The eyebrows and eyes looked happy. The mouth was a cute little smile.

Now the same face has black circles around the eyes, the eyebrows are in an angry position (attack eyebrows!) and the mouth is now a frown.

I think altering those 3 things would do wonders for the overall look of the model. And in reading most of these threads, I think its fair to say that most folks agree that this would be the best way to fix that face option.

I honestly think the other face options look mostly good. The one my mage here is using just needs to have the bags under her eyes smoothed out.

I do love the new bodies :D The new skins, hands and feet look great :D

edit =
Ok, see this picture? Color the eyes blue and its the perfect fix for face option #2. With blue eyes and that smile, it would look more like the original than the angry face/black circle eyes does.
I really dislike the bags under the eyes on almost all of them. I understand the need for an older tired looking face, but why all? The green eyes (face 1) and orange eyes (face 6) are the youngest looking faces, and still aren't the greatest. Face 2 would be okayish if it weren't for the smudged bottom eyeliner.

They almost all suffer from BRF syndrome also :p Kind of unfortunate.

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