Wod hunters

I don't think anyone made a thread about hunters yet so my ill post my opinion

Pros -

DMG - mm dmg seems super op when left to free cast you can get crazy aimed shot crits.

Counter shot - replacing silencing with counter shot is fine because they are making the game more cast based

We still have roar if sacrifice. I assumed that would be taken away

Cons -

I'm struggling to play mm against double melee teams that train me, it seems very hard

Traps are now a huge aiming circle . Kinda bothers me cause I'm used to it being smaller. It actually makes it harder to aim cause I can't tell where the middle is =/

No scatter =/ . Really would like this for trapping. Even though apparently traps are now " instant" I'm usually trying to trap off my partners cc

Over all hunters seem fine. It feels super clunky now but so did mop when it first came out and people got used it to it. My main complaint now is trapping . We have basically no cross cc and with shamans still having grounding totem I feel like this may be a problem.

This is just a quick over view but I'd like to hear what people think about hunters
instant arming makes travel time the only difficulty in landing one, you can easily drive by trap something as long as you click closer to their feet than their ally's
The traps can be very real, or very fail.

And they do activate like instantly. You step into the smaller inner circle radius and itll hit you - you are trapped. Which is why it's very real if you get trapped while attempting to run around a pillar.

Personally, since Scatter is gone and blanket shot is out, it's fine even though it's instant. Hoping people won't die in a 8 second CC though.
Have you guys tried it out though? It just feels so weird idk what else to say lol
I tried it on my hunter not too long ago.

That radius is insane, I can't tell who it's going to hit sometimes if everyone on the other team is moving.
Radius for those that don't have hunters: http://i.imgur.com/XL3AeNM.jpg

You pretty much have to do you like did before and trap off of bolt/asphyx/hoj.

It's really annoying, but will probably be easier with practice, but since everyone's dying in 2-4 seconds it's really hard to get much practice with new abilities in lol

Edit: That sniper training buff is annoying. I guess it's to promote standing still but good luck doing that when Vanguards cleave is destroying you in 2-3 seconds.
Not really sure what spec to play atm even on beta I'm finding it hard to pick. On beta atm BM seems the most promising with damage, Marks is good on beta too very similar to live atm with nothing but glaive, aimed and Chim shot.
The biggest problem I have with marks is the double headed splitting of the shot I was testing it on beta and yes it does break traps and we all already know that gaive toss breaks it too so basically to counter a hunter without being stunned is run onto your trapped healer and watch them casting 1.5 second aimed shots at you and then go lick up their tears after you run around the pillar as the cast ends.
BM gives you MS from pet + out of LoS damage which is always good. Beastial wrath only breaks your pet out of CC now though.
Surv is alright its good steady damage with almost no finish because of the loss of killshot which was huge.

TLDR Marks needs arcane shot, BM is alright maybe a KC damage buff, and surv needs killshot

Edit: the damage from marks if youre playing greedy with Lone Wolf is crazy but you lose RoS sooooo unless youre playing with a god hybrid to make up for that probably isnt worth it
Also I want to address the issue of No red enchant bow glow, blizz pls
lack of keys is bothering me. it feels like s12 bm. i have basically 3 keys with the occasional crows or w/e.

even with the limited keys... there doesn't feel like there is any finesse to the rotation at all. you have focus? cast this? no focus? cast this. done.

chimera hitting 2 targets? there going to be a glyph for that? that really ruins openers. am i just supposed to spam steady shot? i can't glaives... wtf.

really hating the rotation. i mean... it's completely gutted.
Fury Turbo was the worst .
To me, it's just not a very fun class to play anymore. I can deal with not being strong, as long as the gameplay is somewhat engaging. I tried playing hunter for about 10 minutes, got bored and decided to try some other classes. The class lacks for interesting decisions to make.
what im flamed about the most is my weapon not glowing.
I need ppl to know im a 2200 player so they respect me
10/14/2014 09:54 PMPosted by Raiseup
what im flamed about the most is my weapon not glowing.
I need ppl to know im a 2200 player so they respect me

blizz pls I need respect from sub 2k players :(
10/14/2014 09:55 PMPosted by Jkwyvern
blizz pls I need respect from sub 2k players :(

u said it. cmon blizzard
lots of classes don't have cross CC any more. I kind of like it, it promotes communication and teamwork even more.

mages still have deep as cross CC but it's dangerous and almost not worth using since it breaks when you look at it funny, and it then DRs actual REAL stuns. Certainly you can't cross CC the kill target with it, at best in 3s you could cross CC the 3rd guy you're not on (provided he's not got a dot on him or in cleave range. Everything cleaves now. God.)
How is xaryu supposed to win in arena if he can't deep blanket kill???????


10/14/2014 09:50 PMPosted by Jkwyvern
Also I want to address the issue of No red enchant bow glow, blizz pls

Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle glows red.
10/14/2014 10:05 PMPosted by Goonlol
How is xaryu supposed to win in arena if he can't deep blanket kill???????



He'll spec arcane and 1 shot some1, mitch was right all along
10/14/2014 10:07 PMPosted by Míracle
Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle glows red.

guns are for weirdos.
no right minded person transmogs to a gun
10/14/2014 09:51 PMPosted by Sprada
Fury Turbo was the worst .

You wanna fight?

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