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Your character is a supermodel! *limp wrist* Show off your character's outfit and tell about how you acquired it!

*Tyra Banks pose*

i looked in my bank
The Auction House. And through some other ways.
I'm fabulous.

LFR. not by really working
I wanted a sentinel helm.
I modeled this character after Treant Form.
10/18/2014 09:16 PMPosted by Zasuuri
I'm fabulous.


Ain't nothing truer than that mama, slayy!

I love blue and silver.

I ran a little ICC for tokens, spent some gold, then dug through my bank for a decent belt. Switched the shoulders up a bit. Honestly I like the tier shoulders better, but then I'm running the full set and where's the fun in that? ;)

I'd be happier with this setup, though, if I could transmog my cloak to a silver one I'm very fond of. Sooooooooooon.
Twilight Cultist theme.
10/18/2014 09:25 PMPosted by Haunter
tot best instance
5 seconds ago
Random places and just threw it together
I'm no supermodel.

But I am kinda cute. :D
Old raid and pvp gear,
I started with the weapons, a crystallized sword and a Naaru mace.
I lied about my experience in CM's so people would take me.
10/18/2014 09:25 PMPosted by Morning
Twilight Cultist theme.

Looks dashing! *limp wrist*

Purple! :D

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