In regards to Brewmaster´s damage on TI...

Hi guys. This girl here is (as you can see on my armory) not my main but an alt I´ve neglecting. However, yesterday when I went to TI to try to equip her as much as I can before WoD launchs (I´m trying to reach a comfortable ilvl to apply to at least normal SoO to gain a BoA), I discovered that, while my WW was weak against most elite mobs (normal issue considering her puny ilvl) the BM hit like a truck anything that moved. I mean it felt like I was playing on my rogue main when she was around 560 ish ilvl.

Me and a friend in his 506 WW monk were literally able to solo all the way down to the Charge of Eternity on Ordo´s side of the isle (and without any other help), dealing easily with the yaungol mobs on the way (who usually should be able to oneshot me). So I´m curious if this is some kind of bug, if the damage input has been raised a lot or if the mobs on TI have been effectively nerfed to the ground? (cause option No. 2 could play in my favor to gain entry on SoO normal raids with some friends).

I appreciate any input you guys could give me.
They've removed vengeance and adjusted tank damage to a more respectable level relative to DPS specs so that they can tune our abilities without taking into account Vengeance and the obscene damage it allowed us to put out.

So your damage in the open world shouldn't be lagging as far behind a similarly geared DPS class
In a lot of cases tank specs are doing very well even compared to DPS specs. For example, a blood DK or prot warrior in pvp can do about as much damage as their DPS counterparts while having much, much more survivability. It's a product of us essentially being at a twink low level again.
Well I guess now I can atest to that (I would have never believed she´s 494 ilvl and with only the basic buffs + crystal of insanity can practically solo an eternal Kilnmaster had not played it myself).

Well guys thanks for the answers, I guess I´d enjoy the buff on TI as long as I can.
Dealing with the yaungol on Timeless Isle is more about mechanics than anything. You can solo them at 483 if you move out of stuff.

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