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Hello General forum people!

My server, even tho it was merged with 2 other servers, is quite dead. I need a new place for my mage to call home.

So, I was wondering: What are some high population alliance servers?
PVP, PVE or RP, doesn't matter to me :D

Thanks :D
Emerald Dream
Proudmoore is a pretty high PvE server.

Updated for WoD (just don't scale it past 90 or you'll find there's nobody there yet).
Proudmoore: As active as Stormrage but without the login queue time.
Stormrage if you want the biggest PvE server.
10/20/2014 07:29 AMPosted by Vynleren
Stormrage if you want the biggest PvE server.

And a ridiculous login queue with frequent crashes and lag. Which will probably last for at least half of WoD. We don't need more people coming here.

Go to Proudmoore. That's where I would have went if I wasn't so heavily invested in Stormrage.
Well, sounds like its gonna be Proudmoore. Thanks for the responses!

Proudmoore people, i shall see you all later :X

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