Issues With Headless Horseman Dungeon

Bug Report
I'm pretty sure the devs must be aware of this issue, but I didn't see it on the tech support forums so I just wanted to make sure...hopefully it gets hotfixed soon.

My wife and I both have been experiencing problems with the Headless Horseman dungeon. We have two separate accounts and two separate computers. I run the dungeon on about 12 characters and my wife on about 9 each day and both of us experience the following issues.

1.) When the queue pops and we enter the instance with our group, sometimes we show up in regular Scarlet Monastery instead of the Headless Horseman instance. There are mobs that you would normally see in SM like the bone piles and such and there is no pumpkin to click on.
2.) When the queue pops and we enter the instance with our group, we end up in the right instance and begin the encounter with the horseman and mid-fight, everyone in our group suddenly disconnects. When we log back in, our characters are located in unusual places. My wife for example was near the Horde temple in Valley of Eternal Blossoms when she accepted the instance queue and after she was DCed and logged back in, she was on Timeless Isle with a deserter debuff and her hearthstone was on cooldown.
3.) Other times the same thing will happen as described in problem 2 except there is no deserter debuff, we re-appear where we were when the queue popped and when we right-click the dungeon minimap icon and zone back into the dungeon, the Headless Horseman instance has transformed into the regular Scarlet Monastery instance.

These issues do not occur every time and it does seem random. Yesterday out of 12 runs I had issue 1 occur once and issue 3 happen once. I'm not sure how many runs my wife ran yesterday, but she encountered issue 2 twice and issue 3 once. The first and second days after the patch, issue 1 was the most common and happened much more frequently. It seems like every time we queue up for the instance, its a crap shoot. I know the entire group experienced the same thing at the same time because they make remarks about it in instance chat then leave the party when there is nothing left to do.

Those of us who want the Horseman's mount such as us, and I'm sure just about everyone else out there that haven't had it drop yet (I've been trying every year for 4 years) would like every chance we can get to try our luck but we feel as though we lost a couple of days' worth of attempts because of the bugginess and unplayability of the instance in the days following 6.0.2 going live.

I feel it would be fair if Blizzard extended Hallow's End for at least 2 days to make up for the instability of the instance that the patch caused and it certainly would be great to hear from a blue on the issue so we have confirmation that action is being taken to resolve these problems.

Thanks in advance.
Yep. I am having the exact same problems. It does appear to be random and not connected to anything that I can see the players doing since it happens at different times during the battle.

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