Pretty nice hotfixes

10/17/2014 09:06 PMPosted by Morthra
I just gave them a 2 minute CD for a 30 second CD. So balanced.

ayyyy mages
After someone already said it, people are still ignoring the fact that this is for PvE because it is still relevent at this point of the game.

PvP is just a for fun thing because the scaling is meh and you won't see it taken a look at until 100.

Google warcraftlogs and go to the first link, take a look at all the classes that were buffed and then you'll know that they were really bad compared to others.

Frost mages had like max 16-18k dps while fury warriors had 25k+ on some fights. Same idea with rets doing around 16k.
hi mendi hi losiro hi veidaz
It's a good thing they just reduced PvP Damage by 25%. -_-;
10/18/2014 08:21 AMPosted by Bítesize
hi mendi hi losiro hi veidaz

ɥsıɯouƃ ʞɐǝps ʇuop I ,ʎɹɹoS
bur? O.o

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