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With the exciting and long overdue news that Blizzard is giving us servers hosted in Australia, I think its about time we face the next big hurdle with the Oceanic servers, RP and RPPVP servers.

For a long time, us RPers have been forced to play on US servers like Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord, with there being no local options for us RPing Australians. This has commonly caused problems like the cities being mostly empty at 8 PM AEST due to it being 3 AM over in the US and the majority of RP guilds being US based and thus making events for US time.

Its long overdue Blizzard, might as well kill two birds with one stone! Give us an RP and a RPPVP server!
I seem to remember people saying that servers hosted in Australia would never happen...
Yeah I'm on Cenarion Circle, and have been since Australia day 2005, as back then it was the "suggested" RP realm for those of us on this side of the Pacific. There's only PVP and Normal realms to choose from in the Oceanic server list. I'd love to see an RP realm but I don't fancy my chances that much.
I'll throw my support in for this as an Aussie RPer, but find it unlikely. We are a pretty tiny group of players.

Maybe we should put another effort together to pick an "unofficial" RP server. If there's any amount of us worth supporting, we could at least get a decent guild going.
I would love an RP Server based here in Australia. I currently play in WrA and I like it as the guild im in is great but the time difference is a killer. One more vote for a RP server here.
Vote 1 for -Dropbear lol
Would love to have an Oceanic Roleplay realm.
I used to play on Sisters of Elune and I loved the atmosphere of an RP server. I've lost most of my interest for RP since, but I still know quite a few people that would migrate to one.
RP servers are so much more alive, the population use every part of the city , right down to the more obscure inns. Lot better than normal pve servers where the population just stand in one spot waiting for a queue pop.
Blizzard pls let this happen.

Considering most get 400+ ping on the american servers, which have the only RP and RPPVP, we really need these down under.
This has my support too, however unlikely. Still, would be real nice if there were to ever be new realms added to Oceania.
There'd be like 50 people on it.
Theres going to be way more than 50 people on it. Im pretty sure I know more than 50 Wyrmrest Accordians and Moon Guardians who are Australian and want an Australian RP server.

I just think that this would be the right time to do it since they are already bringing servers to Australia might as well add a few more.
I'd just like one Aus RP server. I know plenty of Wyrmrest people who are Aussies and rpers as well.
Well Blizzard is a good idea to add a RP realm if they are really going to add Australian server latency fixes but knowing Blizzard they won't...
Awesome idea. How many would be interested in a human guild based off the seven kingdoms?
Would still absolutely love this.

RP gets tedious when you get home at 6pm and nearly all the US players are asleep.
I'm all for this, even if there's an 'unofficial' RP server. Gonna move at least 4 toons from WRA to get some space, but would love to get some RP done with 'em once in a while as well as my US server mains.

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