unable to validate game version

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>.< how can i fix this error
Yea I have this !@#$ too now after getting the patch.. WTF is wrong with these people, can't even fix the damn thing
I have it as well
I have it also!
Yeah it just patched and I got this error when attempting to log in.
Same, would LOVE a blue to comment.
Yep same....WTF blizzard
i am getting this error as well.
Prolly a patch thing, happened in MOP also so dont worry
Same here!
me as well... :)
I have it as well, lads.
Same here. Blizzard needs to get on this.
I have it too, but also noticed that all the servers still down.
Game is still down for maint....

That's why.
yep, same here
Extended maintenance estimated time back at 4pm PDT
so we still have around 40 minutes to wait, probably the reason nothing works right now.
same error
anyone get it figured out yet?
having the same issue blizz help us geezus

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