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What we are: A fun social guild that raids on the weekends.

We believe in having fun and maintaining friendship while enjoying the game to the fullest. We raid Friday/Saturday nights. We have been playing since Vanilla on different servers and made Turalyon our home in 2014. We have a great core team and have room to add more. We believe in trying our best while raiding but do not believe in yelling or belittling our members.

We consider ourselves a very casual raiding team. Raids are scheduled Fri/Sat nights 8-1030pm server. We clear current content in a relaxed social setting. We all have jobs/school and want to enjoy our time in game.

We enjoy all expects of WoW. You can find us running older raids for achievements/transmogs/mounts. We schedule Mythic Dungeon runs. We take advantage of all weekly events. Some of us enjoy pet battling…I have to catch them all!

Unbound is a casual, but strong guild with over 12 years of experience in WoW. We play WoW to have fun and to socialize and we like killing bosses too. If you want to experience raiding but in a more casual environment, then please look us up. Alts are always welcome.

Come join us as we prepare for BfA raids and mythic+.

Please visit our website Unbound.shivtr.com for more information or look up Ravenbella, Sithus, Zosha, Eighty or Zjnowcone in-game.

We will be raiding normal only. We are not cutting edge. We dabble in heroic.

*Updated 6/24/18

8/8N 4/8H

If you have any questions, my bnet is Raventoo#1813
Unbound! Break your Chains and join us!
A big welcome to our newest recruits and grats on your first heroic/normal Garrosh kill!
Some of our other interests:

Old school raids
Mount farming
Pet battles
Guild events

Come join us for Wod! All welcome.
We have added a few more to our guild but still have room for you.
If your a Derriphan or lactose Intolerant Unbound has spot for you!
We will be up counting down in vent for the xpac....come join us!
So, what are you all doing now that the server is down?
Welcome to our newest member, Daxson! Thanks for joining our fight against the Iron Horde!
We still have room in our core raiding team. We especially need caster dps but all classes are welcome.
Raids are scheduled for December. We are looking for a healer with a dps offset. Still room for most classes in our weekend raids. Non-raiders are also welcome.
Would like to chat.
Thanks Key. I will look for you.

Still need healers and casters. Raids scheduled for this weekend and the rest of the month.
Still looking for more....break those chains and join Unbound today! If you can log on that is......
Raid tonight at 730 pm server time. Still looking for some healers and casters. Come join the fun!
Looks like we are in need of another tank. Please contact me.
I'm very interested! Please add me in game as I would love to talk to you about joining and what classes you currently need. Talk to you soon!
Thank you, Prayer. I will look for you tonight!
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A big welcome to our newest member Prayer. Still have room for more.

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