(H) <Unbound> Weekend Normal Raiding Guild

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Hello, had some questions about your guild. Can anyone from guild add my btag to discuss btag is kinkstyle#1174

Glad you could join us, Shinmorté.

Still looking for social/casual players. Also openings for tanks/healers to join our Mythic+ groups.

A few spots available for raiders as well.

Looking for a guild to raid and run dungeons with but in a casual social setting? Look no further.

We are looking for social players to join our family.

Recruiting raiders, Mythic+ and casual/social players.
We currently have a great need for healers. Please whisper anyone in the guild with questions or for an invite.

We schedule weekly Mythic+, Island Expeditions and raids.

We are currently 7/8 Normal, 3/8 Heroic. We also run weekly M+ and Island Expeditions along with random events.
We are a good mix of raiding, social and PvE. Dungeons/M+, Island Expeditions and raids are scheduled weekly. We also do fun events throughout the month.

Looking for more members for raiding, island expeditions and M+. You will find a very active guild to run things with.
We’re now 7/8 normal and 4/8 heroic. New to raiding? Don’t be afraid to join our team—I promise I’ll die more often than you.
Looking for more friends to join our crazy (but fun) family.
Join us! Don't be shy. Great group, happy I joined. Nobody here is a douchebag, everyone is friendly. Come join up!
I am a new player and joined because the recruiting post says it all; supportive people with a relaxed atmosphere. Great leadership!
Bump for a great group of people
G’huun down tonight. 8/8N, 4/8H.
Now that we have cleared normal Uldir, we will concentrate on heroic. We have room in our weekend raids for dps and all hybrid classes.
358 tank 342 heal priest i work 12 hour shifts so raiding a hit and miss for me in till holidays are over. I would flip back after 8 yrs but if want to talk hells#1690
am old keen formation player from Mal'ganis
Aphies, let us know when you switch over. Another tank/heals in the guild would be awesome.
Hi Aphies, I see Eighty has reached out to you. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We are currently looking for tanks/heals for M+. Also dps and hybrids for raids.


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