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We closed the comments function for this blog post so that we can talk with you here about Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor.

So here we are!
I didn't realize so much work went into the Garrisons.

It feels like it adds a whole new distinct type of content to the game, other than PvE and PvP. And this is really good, it's always awesome to have even more stuff to do!
I'm loving my garrison so far. I can't wait to unlock level 3!
they're pretty cool. someone in another thread suggested battlenet app functionality, and i agree. are there any plans for this in the future? playing with the garrison on an ipad sounds like a fun time.
Are there plans to add more levels to garrisons/buildings? Any plans to expand their functionality or maybe even give us a guild garrison?
None of the preview addressed what aspects are specifically account wide, as it's been said there would be some account wide consideration to prevent the 11 farm syndrome.

Can Blizzard please elaborate, beyond the achievements granting level 3 plan access?
I've just started with the garrison but is there any way to really customize it to my liking such as putting buildings, accents and other item where I want them? In other words something similar to dimensions in another company's game.
Having played the Garrisons for a while now, I can tell you two things.

#1, I actually really enjoy them. I didn't know what to build I wanted everything and I feel like I'm accomplishing things with the choices I've made.

#2, They need to be far, far more customizable in many insignificant ways. Some of the best game play of the old games involved totally bossing your minions around, and laughing about it. I'm unable to elaborate on this point.

Oh yah

#3 extra specific: I need it, NEED it to be way more friendly to in game parties. This has room for improvement all around btw. It feels like I constantly have to choose between being in a party with someone, or progressing.

Being unable to visit my friends Garrison until I've actually finished all the business inside my own, is awkward and clunky.
The garrisons are pretty cool, they could be a pave stone for something like a guild garrison maybe?
11/13/2014 01:50 PMPosted by Brule
As someone who has no interest in professions, what do garrisons offer me?

Gear, leveling perks, raiding perks, etc. Plenty of guides out there, check out Wowhead's for instance.
It seems like it's just clash of clans to me
i was pleasantly surprised with how much im enjoying the garrison especially since its integrated so well with the levelling process
My Garrison was pretty cool until it became inaccessible.

My wife is currently stuck on a flightpath outside of the garrison, getting spammed with "Transfer aborted" every second.
Love the idea of the Garrisons . . . I know there are a lot of issues going on with them right now. Sadly, I can not get on any of my toons because of said issues. Been through many a launch days with ya Blizz. This one takes the cake though and is a special kind of ugly. Wish you luck in fixing it and hope that your fixes don't cause other problems.
I haven't been able to do much yet, waiting on my bf to get home from work since we're leveling together, but what I've seen so far makes me excited to see what comes next.

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