List of Hunter Bugs/Complaints

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These are things I have found over the last few days of playing. Most are related to PvP because thats what I do. Please tell me if you experience them and/or if they are actual bugs or intended based off your current knowledge of the game. Also, give me more to put on this list, PvP or PvE related. Ill post to bug forum after some community input.

Twitter Update:

(Tested) = I have actually tested on live servers and have proven what I have said here to be true.

-- Separated current bugs with recently fixed bugs. Much easier to read now imo.

Active Bugs:

Lone Wolf: (Tested)
-- With Lone Wolf active, after ressing in a BG-like graveyard, your pet is also summoned. Just an annoyance.

Camouflage: (Tested)
-- Does reapply to pets but still takes at least 2 sec before applying after moving while name plates are up.

Ability Cooldowns: (Tested)
-- The UI shows the spell as being available but when you press it, the icon then updates to show the cooldown timer text.

-- If your pet dies while Stampede is active, you cannot revive your pet until the stampede is over.

Revive Pet/Mend Pet:
-- Their current iteration seems buggy. Would be better to just separate the abilities like in the past.

Spiked Collar (Pet Talent): (Tested)
-- Doesn't seem to be increasing pet damage.

Glyph of Play Dead: (Tested)
-- Wipes pet's focus bar upon activation.

Illusions: (Tested)
-- They simply don't apply to ranged weapons. Feel like that is an oversight.

Binding Shot: (Confirmed Still Broken)
-- Fails to stun targets quite often, in particular Paladins seemed to be able to run out of it quite frequently in World PvP.

Explosive Trap: (Confirmed Still Broken)
-- Fails to knockback targets sometimes.

Coming out of CC: (Tested)
-- It seems like I have to press my abilites many more times than I should have to upon exiting CC. It happens most notably when trying to Deterrence right out of a stun.

Feign Death: (Tested)
-- Fails to drop target, interrupt enemy casting and even feign death. You just stand there and the ability goes on cooldown. Noticed it in the past but seems much more frequent as of late.

-- Its just 100% worse than Binding Shot. It needs a lower CD and be able to be used while CC'd for it to even been taken seriously as an option for a talent.

Hydra Pets: (Tested)
-- The hydra pets make an obnoxious amount of noise.

Posthaste: (Tested)
-- Sometimes fails to provide the movement speed buff.

Tranquilizing Shot:
-- Sometimes fails to dispel any magic effects.

Trap Launcher:
-- Turns off frequently compared to 5.4.

-- Dismounts you if activated while mounted. Should work just like an aspect. Also, there is no need for an animation for it.

Aspect of the Fox: (Tested)
-- While Aspect of the Fox is active, if you feign death it removes the buff.

Flare: (Tested)
-- You can flare targets out of stealth from the opposite faction even if neither of you are flagged.

Kill Shot: (Tested)
-- Sometimes fails to allow for a second shot even if the target doesn't die. Maybe just do 2 charges?

Glyph of Mirrored Blades: (Tested)
-- Does not reflect spells.

-- Sometimes fails to shoot anything at all or chokes up and shoots half but not the rest.

Fixed Bugs:

Glyph of Explosive Trap: (Fixed)
-- Knocks enemies away from the hunter, not away from the center of the trap.
Confrimed Fixed:
-- Explosive Trap modified by Glyph of Explosive Trap should now correctly knock enemies away from the trap instead of away from the Hunter.

Glyph of Animal Bond: (Intended)
-- Doesn't work with any self healing ability including all glyphs and talents.
Confirmed Worthless for Solo Play:

Binding Shot: (Fixed)
-- Breaks targets out of stealth when the target enters the binding shot even without being stunned. (Except rogues with Subterfuge)
Confrimed Fixed:
  • Additionally, targets should no longer incorrectly break out of stealth on entering Binding Shot's area of effect.

  • A Murder of Crows: (Fixed)
    -- The ticks are dodgeable. Seems 100% counter intuitive to DoT design and is the only DoT in the game that works that way. Praise the RNG gods. Pretty sure thats how it worked in 5.4 but not 100% sure. Just an annoyance.
    Confirmed Fixed:
    -- Damage from A Murder of Crows can no longer be dodged.

    Traps: (Fixed)
    -- Traps activate but do not CC stealthed targets that move through them. i.e. Freezing trap disappears but does not freeze a stealthed rogue.
    Confirmed Fixed:
    Freezing Trap should now trigger correctly when a stealthed character walks over it.

    Carrion Bird: (Fixed)
    -- No toggle on and off for Mortal Wound. Scorpid has a toggle for MW.
    Confrimed Fixed:
    Carrion Bird: Bloody Screech can now be set to autocast.

    Arcane Shot: (Fixed)
    -- Sometimes hitting players that are on a flying mount fails to apply Serpent Sting to that target.
    Confirmed Fixed:
    Serpent Sting should now be correctly applied to targets even if they move more than 40 yards away when struck by Arcane Shot. (Also fixed the flying mount issue).

    Blood of the Rhino: (Fixed-ish)
    -- The pet tenacity specialization is not giving the pet the increased 20% armor.
    Confrimed Fixed:
    Tenacity Pet Specialization: Blood of the Rhino now reduces the pet's physical damage taken by 15% instead of increasing armor by 20%.

    -- The 40% healing bonus is also not working with Mend Pet.
    Confirmed Intended:

    Camouflage: (Fixed)
    -- Fails to apply to pets leaving them visable.
    Confirmed Fixed:
    Camouflage's stealth effect should now be reapplying correctly when the Hunter and their pet are stationary.
    Animal bond doesn't work with no self healing ability whatsoever,(Glyph of Chimaera or Liberation.) this needs a fix ASAP
    I've noticed Posthaste sometimes doesn't activate at all. Has anyone else?
    Ill check out the posthaste thing and get back to you.
    -- Its just 100% worse than Binding Shot. It needs a lower CD and be able to be used while CC'd for it to even been taken seriously as an option for a talent.

    I like this idea, right now im sure no one takes that talent.
    If you camo shortly after combat you'll re-enter combat with nothing. Camo will fall off after its in combat duration expires, and when it does you will leave combat.

    It really makes running through old content a bit tedious, wondering if you should just clear the trash up next or wait it out 5-10 seconds so your camo won't just fall off due to the bug.
    Pets are completely boring now. (my addition)
    Good call on the camo bugs, totally forgot about that. And pets are boring but I like that I can use pretty much whatever pet now and aren't forced to use a certain pet unless you are missing a buff.
    in PvP as survival I feel like I have to use a spider. Which I do not like.
    Why would you have to use a spider? You have concussive shot that can have a 100% uptime? The pets that slow seem 100% worthless and should be changed imo.
    Let's not forget to mention the ridiculously low damage output in PVE, the inability to kill a rogue in a 1v1 encounter, etc
    10/30/2014 10:18 PMPosted by Zalaji
    I've noticed Posthaste sometimes doesn't activate at all. Has anyone else?

    I've noticed this too.

    OP, the best thing you can do is go to twitter, they don't care about the forums.

    Post a link to the twitter post so it can be retweeted, maybe we can actually get some of the chunk heads at Blizzard to pay attention to hunter bugs for once, since clearly none of them play hunters.

    Also, the change to explosive trap doesn't surprise me.

    They pulled this !@#$ before with flare.

    Completely unannounced, one day it stopped instantly revealing the area, you had to wait for its long %^- animation to finish. Without so much as an increase to the animation speed, or removing flare from the global cooldown. This change was a blanket buff to rogues, now that they got rid of serpent sting, except for survival, and hunter's mark, rogues are having a field day.

    It's stupid and it needs to be changed, but clearly someone's girlfriend rolled a rogue or something.
    Carrion Bird:

    -- no toggle on and off for Mortal Wound, Scorpid already have toggle for MW.

    Also take all that then post it on WoD Beta Bug or other Bug Forum. Blizz don't come here to see on hunter forum. If your thread dropping down fast then bump it. Because all other classes pushing hunter tread down all the times or Blizz being braindead onto Hunter that ignore us but doing testing on Dps stuffs.
    Keep em coming guys. Ill tweet it out later today. And provide the link.
    Explosive trap (glyphed) doesn't trigger the knockback. I have video evidence of a feral and ret running right through it with no buffs
    Not sure if it's a bug or not but can we please, please, PLEASE quiet Chimaeron a bit?

    I tamed Chimaeron and nearly every time I stop moving it activates his head fighting/idle animation including sound. If I stutter step I can make the noise constantly restart/overlap and it plays any time he stops moving for random reasons and it's just made me absolutely hate having him out at all.

    (Not sure if all Hydra do this or not so I just mentioned the mob I know for sure does it.)
    disengage - turn in the air and pop goblin glider = DISCONNECT ... VERY annoying in BGs and WPvP
    Twitter Update:
    10/30/2014 10:18 PMPosted by Zalaji
    I've noticed Posthaste sometimes doesn't activate at all. Has anyone else?

    I can confirm this. Can't tell what causes it, but it sometimes does not activate upon landing.

    No real way to reproduce it. Just have to use it enough to notice it failing to activate once every 10 or so Disengages.
    Glad you could confirm it. I couldn't get it to fail.

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