Numerous hunter bugs ...

Bug Report
from arena junkies:

1. In sv if you use arcane shot and your target moves out of 40y range\los before it hits him - the poison isnt applied

2. Hunters pet loses glyphed camo buff as soon as you move 1 step after applying it

3. Sometimes posthase doesnt work (once happened to me 3 times in a row)

4. If you spam killshot button it only shoots one time, CD doesnt reset

5. Barrage stops doing damage as soon as your target moves out of los. Every other channeling spell in game is still working through pillars

6. If you put crows on a rogue and he uses vanish+cloak, crows stop doing damage to him and dont break his stealth

7. Some ablilities go through deterrence - such as pala's blind, explosive trap and roots from dk's pet

8. If your trap lies behind the pillar or more than 40y away - it often doesnt activate, just does the spiral animation

9. Sometimes trap and binding shot dont work on enemies with freedom up

10. Freezing trap doesnt work on rogues or ferals in stealth

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