A Better Travel Form + Form Utility for Group

I was thinking that travel form gets discarded quickly when you get your first mount, and doesn't have much utility after a while, except for flag runs. It's stuck in an older time, and needs an update to its function, particularly in this expansion, since ground and water movement will become even more important.

Hopefully, this won't be too complicated. The following should cause ground travel form to be more useful to players out of combat without damaging game balance, while also providing incentive to enter less popular forms, like aquatic form, for group benefit. Some of these ideas may be modified or assigned to specs or glyphs.

Travel form is 60%/100% speed increase, consistent with other modes of high speed ground travel while out of combat.

Being struck with any negative effect or attack will lower your speed until you have left combat.
(2s lag before speed increase) Holding pvp objectives, such as the Warsong Gulch flag, causes you to be ineligible for the full ground mount speed until you let go. Your speed will not return to ground mount speed until you have stopped holding items such as the flag for 2 seconds.(alternatively, you will be immune to the buff associated with the warsong gulch flag, causing interaction to do nothing for 2 seconds.) This is to prevent rapid drop and pickup to circumvent the speed penalty.

(passive or glyph) While in the ground mode of travel form, the mounted travel speed of other players in your group is increased.

In aquatic form, the swim speed bonus is shared with group members. They also gain water breathing while in a 15yd sphere of the druid.

In flight form, the flight speed of group members is increased, but by a slight amount.

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