Jade Forest / Krasarang Wilds Phasing Error

Bug Report
It's really sad that two years after Mists of Pandaria's release, this mistake has not been touched.

I had finished every single quest on Horde side and then faction changed to Alliance. Obviously, this resets faction-specific quests. Unfortunately, since I had already phased in the Krasarang Wilds quests from 5.1, this broke The Jade Forest. Completely borked.

Yes, I know about Taradormi and her Second Chance buff. That only works up until the point that you discover Pearlfin Village and the Skyfire leaves Pandaria. Once you are at that point, Taradormi leaves your game and doesn't offer that buff any longer.

The problem arises as you continue to finish the quests further into The Jade Forest. When you finally get to the climax of the zone, the quest you are given is "Get Back Here!" which sends you back to Pearlfin Village to speak to Admiral Taylor. This will then start the Battle for The Jade Statue which will eventually shatter the statue and leave The Jade Forest in its final phase with Sha everywhere. The issue is that when you accept "Get Back Here!", the zone phases you to the end point after the entire quest chain and The Jade Statue is broken and Sha has been unleashed everywhere, even though that should not have happened yet. When you get to Pearlfin Village, Admiral Taylor is gone from the phase that the game has put you in and you cannot turn the quest in. Literally, you can stand on the map where there is a yellow question mark to turn the quest in, but he is not there because you're in the phase after the chain has ended. If you fly to the Jade Statue, it is broken and Sha is everywhere. The Statue should still be whole. There is NO WAY to fix this?

The other quest that errors out is a Krasarang Wilds quest called "Into The Wilds." It has you turn in a quest to a person outside of the Crane Temple. But if you have already finished the zone on the other faction before the change, the Crane Temple is phased into the Sha invasion so that NPC that you need to turn the quest into is not in that phase, making the quest unfinishable.

Does this make sense? Over the past two years I have put in multiple tickets asking for this to be fixed or ways for it to be done. GMs just respond with "Hi there! Please visit www.wowhead.com for hints and tips on how to finish a quest if you are having difficulty finding where to go next."

I know where to go next. I have done these quests multiple times on multiple characters. This is a phasing bug caused by changing factions and it happens to every single character I faction change with. Every character that I have faction changed has two quests in their log that cannot be turned in because of incorrect phasing. Please look into this and fix it. Thanks.

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