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I love my rogue. I love my WW monk. I have a 90 warrior I don't play. I pretty much only prefer to play melee, and I prefer DPS. So with what's left of melee, what would be the most rewarding AND challenging spec to play, of the classes I don't already have, for PVE/PVP?
Enhancement Shaman is fun.
I've thought about Enhance quite a bit, as well as Feral, but: http://www.simulationcraft.org/reports/Raid_T17M.html

I have this thing where I like to be as near the top as possible, and this makes me question if people would even want me as Enhance, even if I'm a good raider.
In your case I would suggest either a pally or Druid. Ret Pallys are always good in pvp and at least fair in pve, plus if you ever wanted to try healing or tanking the option is there. The same would go for Druid as well, lots of options if you get bored. If all else fails play your warrior! (Lol)
With the gear changes coming in WoD I'd suggest a Druid or a Paladin.

Only need 1 set of gear (except weapons, trinkets, neck and ring) as it will change its primary stats based on your spec.

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