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Hello, everyone!
I've currently been guildless for about a year or so. I just liked playing solo for a while. Now that I've lacked a guild for so long I'm really craving the community and friends that it offers. I'm currently on Wyrmrest Accord but am willing to transfer servers! I would prefer that the server is EST and PVE (even though I like PVP, I don't like PVP servers because I'm an achievement hoarder and it can be hard completing achievements when you're getting attacked), but the datacenter of a server is negotiable

In-Game Accomplishments
-2200 in 3V3 in season 15
-2200 in RBGs in season (Past seasons, not season 15)
-Target Caller for those 2200 RBGs

I haven't PVEd seriously since Wrath of the Lich King, but am looking to get back into it when Warlords drops. I can tank or DPS, I enjoy all specs that the warrior offers.

-I'm a fun person that plays the game to enjoy it, therefore I don't do drama. I will gladly sit back and eat popcorn while drama happens, but I won't ever be in the mix.
-Helpful - I am always willing to help guildies if I'm available and not busy with something.
-I know when to joke and when to be serious. I'm a funny guy but there's a time and place.
-I take my gaming seriously (NO, I'm not a rager!). Warcraft is not just a game to me, it's a hobby. It's part if my life!

Reminder: I WILL transfer servers for the right guild!

I would like to look at my available options before choosing (especially if I have to transfer), so if I don't reply RIGHT away don't worry! I will get back to whoever offers whether it's a no or a yes!

I believe I would be a great asset to any guild I join, now who wants me?! :D
Well if you're willing to go to a pvp server we raid tue-thu 10pm-1am. We'll be rushing to 100 to gear for raiding. We do challenge modes, achievement hunting for Glory of the Raider mounts, and we play League of Legends when we're bored too. We're a bunch of college friends from CT and a few returning officers so it's a pretty friendly atmosphere. The official recruitment spam is linked below. My ID is Crispy#1402.


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