Warrior or DK?

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I want to level a melee character becauuusee.. I haven't really before.. and I like plate xmogs.. and I eventually want shadowmourne, etc.

I can't decide between these two classes.. I just want something with a relatively easy rotation (cause I'm a noob) and something that is capable of doing old world runs and stuffs.

Thank you!

p.s. I like the DK aesthetics (special skin tones, blue eyes, etc) but I think I prefer rage over runes as a resource mechanic.
you can play warrior with 1 macro so
real men play DKs.
I can literally top DPS in BGs with using basically 4 buttons as Frost DK...so uh....
Both classes are very easy at the moment.

I have both at 90, so I am not just conjecturing either =p
Don't see many female Belf Warriors... around my neck of the woods anyway
DK dps rotations are remarkably easy so you can't go wrong there. They also do high dps and have good utility. Great in PvP too.

Don't know much about warriors though.
I chose warrior because rune system seems complicated to me.

So yeah! Warrior If you want an easy rotation.
11/05/2014 08:09 PMPosted by Berronax
real men play DKs.

Real men ARE warriors.
Such conflict, much WoW!
11/05/2014 08:29 PMPosted by Roadrage
Real men ARE warriors.

You're not a REAL MAN if you play Blood Elf.
IMO I would go with Death Knight. It's a great plate wearing class is start off with and while you're leveling to 58 you can decide which spec you truly want to go with.

Not to mention it has a great intro quest line which is hard to pass up.
Frost DK seems to have survived the 6.0 purge better than most other classes.. which could be a good thing or a badthing depending on your perspective.

Unholy is straight forward, a little boring because it doesn't have any procs. Fury is simple, but very active and energetic so not boring at all. Whack-a-mole but not tediously so.

Arms is so simple and so straight forward and so binary that it hurts. Can't play the spec even a little.

Blood and Prot are both very sexy if you like tanking.
Arms being mind numbing is kind of appealing since I am super new to melee.. and really even rotations since I have pretty much always healed. /noob
11/05/2014 08:49 PMPosted by Shÿhalu
Arms being mind numbing is kind of appealing since I am super new to melee.. and really even rotations since I have pretty much always healed. /noob

IMO it's too mind numbing, but I guess you should try it for yourself. Fury is still not super hard, but more engaging at the very least.
Warriors feel more like they are pure melee. DKs are a compound of melee and spell casting. Also they can't have shields.

Try warrior. If it doesn't suit you by level 20, go DK.

I can enjoy both, but the DK feels more distant, almost arms length. The warrior catches the spray of arterial blood in his (or her) face.
Dat mental image of arterial blood, ohmai.
if you want to play a mindless 0 thought spec

fury and arms has you covered
Well if nothing else think about this. Frost Dks have a history of scaling very poorly with gear, so while you may start off very strong, midway into the current content you will start to fall behind compared to other classes.

Warriors on the other hand, scale VERY well with gear and get better and better as you advance through the content.

Also keep in mind a bunch of the "old guard" developers are back and one thing they were known for is their love of the warrior class.

roll warrior+grow beard= win


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